First Love

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be aware that it is Me you are meant to maintain as your first love. You are not meant to love anything or anybody more than Me. When I lead My people forth through My Holy Spirit, they are not meant to get eyes full of adultery for any other master, any other lover. Those who go a whoring from Me and take up other lovers are ugly before Me because they are choosing according to their own carnality and not according to My desires for them.

It is My desire that My people would keep their vision single unto Me and come forth in the joy of their first love by remaining true to Me in every situation and circumstance. This means the situations and circumstances that are all about in these times of adversity and madness. So many turn from Me and allow their hearts to grow hard towards Me because they are guilty of spiritual adultery. They yield to the powers of darkness and in the same they find themselves steeped in great sorrow.

The truth is that as My people you are highly accountable before Me, as you have received the incorruptible seed of My Son Jesus, and because of His presence you are required to walk uprightly and to pursue with gladness the course that is set before you. My people are not meant to be full of the sadness that is found among those who are full of adulteries both naturally and spiritually. No, indeed! I do not find pleasure in those whose eyes are full of adultery and who are ever flirting with the world and wanting those things that I have forbidden.

In these times, the love of many has grown cold because they are no longer centering on Me. Instead, they are eating of worldliness, and the same will erode their faithfulness unto Me. When you consider how cheaply people behave towards their so-called commitment to Jesus, it is indeed a sorrow to behold. Do not be allowing the enemies to pressure you into sins that mar your integrity towards Me and take you on the road to damnation.

Realize that I expect you to cherish the relationship you are privileged to have as the redeemed. Do not lose the joy of your first love, for if you let that slip away from you, the things you choose to replace it with will never satisfy you and you will be full of emptiness, bitterness and sorrow.

When I have entrusted you with Jesus as your Savior, do not take that lightly and believe you can throw the same away. Instead, cherish what you have with My Son, for it is indeed a precious treasure and it was through His complete sacrifice and obedience unto Me that you were enabled to gain salvation mercies in your lives.

As you are staying true, you receive continuing revelations of the power of love that is ever present in and through Jesus Christ. His love is superior to all other loves that are manifest among people. When you first opened your heart to Jesus, you received the rush or inflow of divine mercy, forgiveness, and never ending love. To abandon that first love to take up other, lesser loves is to go in the way of fools.

Many people are trapped in hopeless relationships because they chose the same to fulfill the lust of their flesh or a void that lurked within them. However, those things do not and cannot satisfy, because they are only temporary and transitory in My sight.

Be thankful to know that I am the One who is the rock of refuge to you, and when you are attacked, you can indeed run into Me as your rock of refuge, the high tower of strength and safety. When you are holding tightly to your first love, you will see that nothing else can give you lasting satisfaction and fulfillment.

Likewise, you will be enriched in your other relationships with the ones who are chosen by Me to be your companions and fellow pilgrims in this life, if you keep your first love clearly as the most important factor in your lives. I will bless you in those relationships, as long as you do not allow them to be the first love in your lives. Those who are prudent in their choices of companions will find that I put My blessing over them if they are maintaining their relationship unto Me.

Do not be tossed to and fro by the troubles of those who have abandoned Me or refused Me. Realize that when you see the ones who are ever vexed, tormented, and taken afar from Me, they are causing their own sorrows and heartbreaks. It is only the fools who follow the world, and by the same are disappointed and dissatisfied time and again.

The satisfaction that brings joy comes to those who put their hopes in the first love that was given to them when they became born-again believers in My Son Jesus Christ. True love is meant to grow and to become more and more blessed, as My people are finding the contentment that is the reward given to the faithful, the united believers who are aligning themselves with Me first, and then with one another.

As My united believers, do not seek to please your fellow believers or the world above Me. To do so is the way to frustration and is not intended for you to be partaking of. Be thankful to serve Me in the attitude of gratitude each day because you have been given the new life, the true love, and the joy that is never ending through following the Holy Spirit. Be knowing that in the power of the first love you will be enabled to be joined in divine unity with the united believers because you will all follow your first love!