Troubles Enough

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not imagine troubles for tomorrow, for I have the future in My hands. Although the wicked are spread out in proud array, you do not need to fear for tomorrow. Every day has evils of its own, and I do not want you to be worrying about what may or may not come upon you in the days to come. So many people in this world spend their days in fear of the troubles that may come their way. Because they are so concerned with tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, they can never have joy in their lives.

There are troubles enough each day, because every day there are troubles that are evident because of the evil that is present in this world. However, as you are adhering to Me, you will find that I am able to provide you with all that you need. What I give to you is sufficient to keep you in My way if you pay heed to the Holy Spirit instructions and commands.

I do not want My people to be vexed and weary from worry because they are concerned with the future troubles that may be ahead. Most often, those who are continually worrying are not at peace and they literally are assuming that by their worrying they can change things. They cannot, for when they are being consumed with worries, their hearts are full of fear. None of such fearful living does anything for them. In fact, they are in continual anguish and trouble mentally, physically and spiritually.

Likewise, they take up all of the fears, doubts and dreads that are facing the heathen continually. There are troubles enough for each day because of the evil that is in this world. You are not meant to invite to yourselves more troubles by carrying around the baggage of the world and its politics, as well as the fears that rule with a fist of iron over the blinded multitudes.

It is Me the Living God who desires that My people would know the perfect peace that can be theirs if they are trusting, believing and looking to Me as the author and the finisher, the beginning and the end. There is no reason to worry about tomorrow, for the same will come and go. Those who are continually yielding to fear and worry are bringing troubles to their own lives because they are choosing the torments that beset them.

Do not copy the heathen, nor accept the cup offered by the world. It has never been meant for you to be in vexation and torment. It was and is meant for you to be in gladness, rejoicing and thanksgiving. Do not be married to any particular style of life and think you cannot live without the same. The truth is that I will always take care of those who are believing in Me as their Maker, their God, their Provider and their Keeper.

Pay heed to the commands that are given to you by My Spirit. Those commands will help you to stay in tune with My intentions for your lives and to likewise commune with Me in the realms wherein I abide. It is not good to go astray from Me and to be overwhelmed by the circumstances that evidence themselves day after day. It is not your job to be overtaken by the dread of each day and the fear of tomorrow.

When you arise and face your day, know that the same is for your uplifting and strengthening, as you are keeping your faith upon Me and not on the circumstances that want to beset you and overwhelm you. No one really gains in Me when they are absorbed in worry.

Those who gain are the ones who strive to keep their vision upon Me at all times and do the things that I desire and require of them. There is much mental instability that comes about when you see those who are focused upon the ugliness of the world and all of the troubles that are in the world. Remember you are not of this world; you are only pilgrims passing through, and as you are journeying, you are protected by My angels as you proceed on the pilgrim’s path towards your eternal destiny in Me.

More than anything, do not look to the world for answers, for the wisdom of the world is foolishness before Me. Think of all the so-called wise men who are making their assumptions and predictions according to their own understanding. You can be assured they are gaining absolutely nothing from that which passes away, for their so-called wisdom is falsity and pride.

Be thankful that you can serve Me each day in the attitude of gratitude, knowing that I will keep you in My steadfast love, for I do not turn from My people when the world maligns and debases them with their lies and false accusations against the ones who are Mine. In fact, when those who are under My Spirit are falsely reported on by the world, I will bless My people because they are mistreated for their faithfulness to follow in the steps of My Son Jesus.

The closer you walk with Jesus and obey the commands of My Spirit, the more that the world in all of its madness will persecute you and despise you. Therefore, don’t allow troubles from such mad ones to stack up against you and cause you to take on worry and fear as your constant companions. You are not called to carry such parasites that only want to suck out the new life that you are called unto.

Because you are covered in the blood of Jesus, the parasites are angry and want you dead. However, remember that you are not to bow to their anger and carry around those parasites causing trouble never ending. Rebuke, refuse and refute such blood sucking, infectious parasites, and do not let them trouble you at all!