Burn Out

I speak to you this day and I say that I desire that you would realize that it is Me who gives to you all that you need each and every day to be kept by Me. I desire that My people would obediently cleave to the commands of My Spirit and pay heed to the directives that are given to them. These are given that those who love Me would know and understand that it is important to labor with Me, not apart from Me.

There are many in these times who are under their own understanding, and because they are, they go in a way that I did not intend for them to walk in. When they make such choices, they are laboring alone, for they are not in obedience to My Spirit’s commands. While they assume that they are laboring for Me, it is not true, for they are laboring according to their own ambitions and are not in subjectivity to the mind of My Spirit.

Those who are choosing to labor “for Me,” yet they do not seek Me in any way whatsoever, are literally setting themselves up through their pride to burn out. That means in essence, that they are pursuing a course that could, if they do not repent and return to Me, end them up as enemies of My purposes rather than co-laborers.

Stop and consider; pride is an absolute killer, and those who want to yield to pride are doing so in a way that is far from Me. Do not yield to pride only to be sorry in the end, because pride will take your heart and your soul far from Me. I do not intend you to be far from Me. I want you to be near to Me, for I am the One you are meant to please and draw near unto.

Those who are operating under their own strength are literally functioning in the realm where burnout so commonly occurs. Then, such become embittered at Me because they have reached the point where their strength fails them.

Many who end up as hard-core rebels are the ones who once professed Me but did not yield their lives to Me. What happens to them is the consequence of their trust in themselves rather than Me. I do not want you to be trusting you; I want you to be always trusting Me. The reality is, the more that you trust Me, the more you will be uplifted in Me and brought forth to the understanding of My way, which is the way of eternal life.

Does not the recorded history of My Son Jesus say that He wearied from His journey? It does not say that He became a burnout and quit what He was sent to do! The reality was, even as He sought for a drink of water, He ministered words of life to the woman who gave Him water.

So it is, that you can grow weary. However, if you are partaking of the living water, you will know and understand that I am the source and that you do not need to burn out. This is because I am forever with the ones who are yielding themselves to Me at all times. Whatever you do, let it be in humility and subjectivity to the mind of My Spirit. When you are weary, come into the quiet place with Me and I will refresh you and strengthen you in the way that you should go.

There are endless multitudes who have taken themselves far from Me and gone after the course of pride, which in turn led them into burnout. Now they are sitting on the dung hills of bitterness and seething with the anger and the bitterness they sit on day after day.

The reward that comes of being a burnout is not sweet, nor is it calming; it is bitter and tormenting. I do not want you to be in bitterness and torment. I want you to be in acceptance and rejoicing because I am the One who loves you and replenishes you. When you cast your cares upon Us, know that We do care for you and We are with you always.

Do not be as those who lock into pride and believe in themselves and their own abilities. Be realizing daily that through My Spirit you are directed, guided and uplifted in the purpose that I have for you, and in that purpose you are well provided for. Even in the times of high cost, destitution and deprivation, I will be ever present with you to give to you all that you have need of.

When you are trusting Me, you will not suffer burnout because of the external circumstances. Instead, you will be enabled to keep clearly focused and guided when others are falling apart by worry and sorrow. I do not call you to fall apart, nor does the same reflect My purpose.

As those who are called and chosen, keep focused, keep trusting, keep ever knowing that I will lead and guide you forth by the plain path that I have for you, and direct you in the newness of life. Do not by any means give yourselves up to the demonic powers that are ever swirling and buzzing about like flies, seeking to enter in. Do not take in the poison of the ones who want to destroy you by their words and their actions. Look to see them destroyed by their own tactics as well as the lies and slander they have used against you.

Remember that men and women reap what they sow, and when they have sown to the destruction of My people, I can destroy them and bring them to ruination and devastation. Vengeance belongs to Me, and I will repay those who are in opposition to Me and have sought to destroy My people. The liars will be defeated by their own lies and taken down in the rubble of death they have established.

Truly, they will suffer burnout here on earth and forever in eternity, for they will end in hell, where the fires will be upon them day and night and will never burn out. The torment of the flames upon them will be continual and everlasting.