Riches that Remain

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are living in times when many have sought to accumulate riches that make themselves wings. That is, they have not done as I intended and they have poured out their strength for that which is transitory and passes away. They judge others according to carnal riches, and if they see someone who is poor, they will shun such a person as though they had the plague or were disabled.

All the while, they become more and more greedy for gain because they want those treasures that are of this world and make it appear as though they are superior to those who do not share the same mindset regarding riches. Because they are so determined that what they choose is what matters, they are full of all manner of arrogance and pride.

However, such ones are really foolish in My sight, because they are seeking to show how great they are because they have gained riches that will not remain with them when they stand before Me. They will find that all of their so-called achievements have amounted to nothing because what they are doing is vain and useless, in the sense that they are operating under the covering of pride. Remember that pride is abomination to Me and I do not find pleasure in those who are operating under pride and wanting others to bow to their greatness.

The ones who are wise before Me are the ones who seek after the riches that remain. That means that they do not do things according to their own dictates. They do things according to My desire, and in them I am well pleased. You are meant to be well pleasing to Me, not to those who are of the world.

Those who are doing as I desire will find that it is Me who will give to them exactly what they need in every circumstance and situation. The very fact that they are trusting Me with their lives and with their riches gives them honor in My sight. I do not honor the ones who are busy doing as they please, with no respect towards Me.

When you see those who are doing as I want them to do with their riches, however great or small those may appear, then they are gaining the riches that remain. This is because when they stand before Me, they will not have left their riches behind. They will have treasure in heaven, for they have kept their faith and confidence in Me, they have honored Me with whatever resources they were entrusted with, and they wanted to please and obey Me rather than their own carnality.

I do not find pleasure in those who are determined to have things their way and by that seek only for recognition from others because they imagine they have great riches or treasures. The truth is, they do not have great riches, for in eternity they will be judged as wretchedly foolish. Because of their choices, they will find themselves ending in hell because they chose to have what they wanted, not what I wanted of them.

Do not by any means become entangled in the web that such are in, for it is folly. Consider the example that Jesus gave, of the rich man who was so proud of his accumulated wealth and who knew he had to build bigger buildings to store up his treasures in. That man was an absolute fool and proved himself wretched before Me, because when his soul was required, as it was his time to die, he had nothing that was of value stored up for eternity.

I absolutely do not respect those who are only concerned with themselves in this life and are wanting what they think they must have at all times. I do not want you to be centered upon what you want. You are to be centered upon what I want, for the same will prove to be treasure to you and counted as your riches in heaven.

It is more important that you realize that what men and women accumulate on this earth is not what matters if they have not given the same to Me. What matters is that people desire to please Me and likewise sow to eternal treasure because they realize that the true riches are not to be seen in the here and now. Rather, they become evident in the hereafter, since they are giving the glory to Me and trusting in My abilities and steadfast goodness towards them.

I absolutely do not want My people to be without. I want them to be confident in Me and obeying Me rather than being concerned over their stored up treasure on this earth, for those things will pass away and be remembered no more. Therefore, do not store your treasure on earth but rather in heaven, and be glad that I am the One who keeps you during your earthly journey. It is a good thing to be attentive to Me in all that you do, because it is essential to do as I desire rather than as you would desire.

In these times, there are far too many who are hell bound, because they are only doing what they want; they are not doing what I want. They waste their time in pursuing those things that are impossible to keep, then they stand before Me as fools because of the fact that they did not sacrifice for My kingdom and they labored for that which passes away.

Consider that what is a man’s treasure this year could end in a heap of rusting rubble in the year thereafter. Then all of the effort that he put into the accumulation of the same is futile, for in the end he has nothing. Why not put your labors into My purposes and plans and know that as you do, you will see that the riches gained in Me are the ones that remain.