Soul Food Is God’s Word

I speak unto you this day and I say that men may try to satisfy their souls with all manner of food, with all manner of drug, drink, and other besetting sins of carnality. However, the only thing that can truly satisfy them is obedience to My Word, for the same is food for the soul and spirit.

Those who are pursuing the lust of their flesh at the prompting of demons are literally pursuing the wind, for the same cannot do anything for them except leave them desolate. Realize that demons will do absolutely nothing for you except cause you trouble and sore dismay.

It is Me who feeds you with the bread of heaven that will satisfy. As you know, My Son Jesus during the temptation in the wilderness rebuked the devil and refuted him by telling him plainly that the true food for both soul and spirit is My Word.

When I speak forth the Word, know that the same is living bread and will uplift you and inspire you to greater heights and realms in Me. You are not to try and satisfy the hunger of your soul and spirit through carnal measures, for the same does not satisfy. The more that you express your hunger and desire for Me, the more that you will find that I am present to feed you with the living bread that satisfies.

As you know, there are countless multitudes in this world who can find absolutely no satisfaction, because they are seeking after the wrong things. Why are they seeking after the wrong things? It is simply because they are addicted to the world and are following the dictates of demons.

They run from one thing to another, going in the broad way, and each new thing they try they are sure will be the answer to their unsatisfied state of mind. However, everything they try turns out to be empty, vain, and void of any degree of true satisfaction. Reality is that to go in the broad way is to take the way of many diversions and never end up being satisfied, because the search they are in is simply futile. Over and over, they bite the bait and follow after some new folly, only to be disappointed in the end. When people go in the broad way, be assured that they are playing with their own destruction and damnation of soul, because they are not at all intent on following Me.

If you truly think about how important it is to follow Me, then you will understand fully that I do not want you to be engrossed in the fallacies and frauds that so many are under and feel desolate in the end. The truth is that when you see how futile life becomes for those who are in the broad way, you will see more and more that there are increasing numbers who are left alone and unable to be filled, because that which they are pursuing is not of any lasting moral value. They are in abandonment to demons, which leave them helpless, hopeless and homeless. This is because the demons are desiring them to end in hell and are herding them down the road that leads to their destruction and damnation.

Over and over, you have seen and will increasingly see more of those who are left totally to be basically drifting on the sea of iniquity in a boat that is leaking badly and there is no way to bail out the waters that are taking them down. Why do they end in such a way? It is because their hearts are far from Me, and they basically like it that way because it gives them the opportunity to pursue the sins that devastate any fragment of goodness or morality they may have had left.

It was never, nor is it now My intention that people would end in the agonies of the damned and there remain because of their outright choices for sin, which are against Me. Realize of a surety that to choose sin is to choose death and destruction. The choices that people make every day determine where they will spend eternity. I absolutely do not want you to be choosing for the course that is destruction. I want you to be choosing for the course that gives you life, love and light.

Be aware that it is important what you consume during the day. You can be partaking of that which demons want you to indulge in and become contaminated by the same. Or you can refuse what the forces of darkness offer to you and choose with all of your heart what I want for you. My Son did not fall prey to the temptations that were offered to him by the devil in the wilderness. Instead, He refused and refuted the devil by using My Word against the devil’s enticements.

Because Jesus was not intent on listening to the devil, He was able to dismiss the temptations and enticements that the devil attempted to seduce him with. As Jesus was submitted to Me, He was able to refuse the traps that the devil tried to trick Him into with his words. Jesus was not as Eve, who lent her ear to the serpent and got tangled and wrapped up in his lying seductions and enticements.

Jesus did not aim to be some great hero. He simply obeyed My commands to Him, and by the same He conquered sin, hell and the grave. Stop and consider how much power and life there really is when you eat the true soul food and are made spiritually strong by the same.

You do not need to be duped or doped by demons. Nor do you need to be caught in the web of deceptions that want you. As you remain eating of My Words to you, you can foresee and avoid those things that so many fall prey to in the broad way that they are in. Do not be dumb but be enlightened by the truth.