Contented in Their Sins

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who does see what all people throughout the earth are doing. There is absolutely nothing that is hidden from Me, and I know the ones who are truly serving Me and the ones who are not. These are indeed the days when I am openly displaying to all of humanity My wrath, fury and indignation. This is because I am worn and weary with those who are contented in their sins and desiring more and more sin.

Be aware that I am absolutely not mocked, and I see the ones who are Mine and the ones who are not. Those who are choosing to walk afar off from Me and wallow in the filthiness of sin are indeed a grief to Me. This is because they are using My Name in pretension and hypocrisy. I absolutely find no pleasure in such fools, for their ways are wicked and they are full of iniquity and darkness. Therefore, be aware that I do not want My people to be as the stupid who are giving themselves to the slavery of sin after they have been set free by the sacrifice of My Son Jesus.

Those who are choosing to behave in such ways are actually a grief to Me, because their hearts are hard and they are far from Me. I do not want My people to be far from Me, and when they take up other gods and serve idols, they become dull and dumb spiritually. Then their hearts become hardened towards My Spirit and they are no longer attentive to the Spirit’s guiding. Instead, they are contented in their sins and are literally enjoying what they assume to be their liberties. However, their liberties are not liberating at all. What their liberties really are is lies of the demonic powers that they have allowed themselves to believe. In such so-called liberties, they are actually taken into bondage and destroyed by the same.

When I see those who once professed that they love Me, anxious to run after the ways of the world, I see them as having gone a whoring from Me. In plain terms, they are adulterous, and I do not condone nor accept their conduct. Therefore, because they are refusing to repent and return, it is Me the Living God who will turn on them in My wrath, fury and indignation, because they are so far from Me and are loving it so.

However, when they are so intent in sinning against Me, they are absolutely proving themselves to be stupid, because they are rejecting the bread of life to eat of the unclean food of the pagans. In such consumption, they are ingesting the very things that will bring sickness and disease upon them, and they will suffer acutely from the same. Do not by any means be participating in their madness, for the same is destructive and demeaning.

I have intended and still do, that My people would desire to be and put their efforts into being holy, for I am holy. Those who are putting forth their energies and efforts into what I intend will be enabled to partake of the sweet mercies of who I am and to know that through the same they are kept. Those who are walking uprightly, following in the steps of Jesus, are well pleasing and I will be with them to protect and keep them even in the midst of a wicked and vile generation.

It is My intention that those who are Mine would stay true and faithful to Me. In the days of ancient Israel, when My people went a whoring from Me and refused to hear My prophets calling them to repent, I openly displayed My sore displeasure with them. Oftentimes, I allowed them to be taken into captivity by the ones they flirted around with, and in the same they were devoured and destroyed.

There is no way that I am condoning those who are adulterous, and when you see the ones who at one time were My people turn to become adulterous in the flesh and spirit, know that they are contented in their sins. However, I am not at all contented in them and I will punish them for their transgressions and violations of Me. Do not at any time imagine that you should go in the way of such ones, for if they have betrayed Me, they will likewise betray you and leave you desolate.

Be thankful each day that you can continue steadfast and ever willing to take the course that I have set before you. When you are faithful to Me, then you are found well pleasing and I delight in you. Why not learn of Me and walk in My way? Do not learn of the world then walk in their ways, which are deceptive and deadly.

I do not find pleasure in those who are so content in their sins that they have converted to worldliness rather than godliness. Of course, when they take up the ways of the world, they are taking up abomination and in the same they are being consumed.

Do not allow yourselves to be consumed by the wicked forces that want to see you totally devoured, for those who go a whoring will not only undergo My wrath, fury and indignation; they will also be deceived, debased, destroyed, devoured and damned. So, for all of their transgressions, they do not get by, for the way of transgressors is hard, and they of course pay in the end by losing their souls.

Sin is deceitful and deadly, and those who are content in their sins are on the fast train to hell. Many of them thought they could easily jump off the train after they had enjoyed the carnal pleasures of sin for a season. However, the reality remains that the train is speeding down the tracks, and to try to jump off means death instantly. To ride on ends in death and hell!