Laws of Men or Laws of God?

I speak unto you this day and I say: Consider what it is that you are willing to believe in, trust and obey. You are not intended to follow after the deception nor the craftiness of men and their laws when such laws are in opposition to Me. You are living in times when there are many laws that are not according to My standards, and such laws will cause those who obey them to lose their souls. Consider carefully who it is that you will obey and do not be hasty to obey those laws that are contrary to My standard and dictates.

There are times when men, women and children are so influenced by demon forces that they become enemies of My purposes. Then they rise up in rebellion and attempt to overthrow the principles that I gave for people to live by that they might live long and bear much fruit in Me. When you face such times, be aware that you are not meant to obey such laws as are wicked and will bring you into bondage to sin.

It is not My intention that My people would follow after that which is vile, then hide behind the laws of men as their excuse for corruption. Those who are choosing to walk afar off from Me are literally an abomination to Me because they are not maintaining their integrity with Me. It has never been My intention that men, women, and even children would behave themselves in such ways as to be in complete opposition to Me. When you see those who are doing such things, know that they are in the same desiring the way that will cause them to be devoured by sin.

Remember that the wages of sin are death, and even if sins are made legal by men, that does not mean that they are acceptable in My sight. My intention is that My people would walk in the way that is upright, and by the same be kept in the guidelines of My laws.

I am not implying that My people are to abandon their salvation mercy through Jesus and return to the laws that were required in the times before Jesus. However, they are not to choose to live in complete violation of My way, for to do so is to choose death rather than life. When I gave My laws in the days of old, it was that men, women and children would have the guidelines to walk by, that would keep them in right standing with Me.

As I have said, and I will repeat it, you are living in times when many of the laws that have been passed and are being instituted are enticing multitudes to walk in the sinful way rather than the upright way. When people get an appetite for sin, they are opposing Me and choosing to die, because the wages of sin are death. Not only do they shorten their lives physically; they also set themselves up to be devoured and damned by the sins they give themselves unto. I do not command My people to obey those laws of men that will bring them into ruination.

Be alert to the fact that the more that men are steeped in sin, the more that they are playing with fire and burning with lust. Not only do they affect themselves; they are affecting their generations also. I much prefer and desire that people would remain true to My standard and seek for Me as their refuge in such times of gross wickedness and evil. When My people are adhering to Me, then they will not be devoured by those things that are evil. Instead, they will be uplifted and brought forth by My Spirit, for the same is given to them to be their guide.

Be serving each day in the attitude of gratitude that you are indeed given the indwelling Spirit to lead and guide you forth in the way that is all truth. The more that you adhere to the way of truth, the more that you will discern the spirits of evil that are so abundant in these times.

Be glad each day that you do not need to go after the folly of fools. Rather, you can choose to walk uprightly and be kept by Me. Remember that I, the Most High God, am able to keep you in the shadow of My wings and to protect you when others are being struck down on every side.

You are not intended to live in the fear of men and by the same violate Me. It is offensive to Me when those who are claiming they are Mine are bowing to the power of ungodly men and women and choosing the darkness they represent rather than the way that I provide. When you are being directed by My Spirit, you will not go in the way that is death. Rather, you will be shown the pathway that is life eternal.

When you see that My way is narrow and straight, do not long for the broad way as though the same had some treasure. The broad way is deceptive and leads to much sin. Therefore, do not imagine that you are called to the way of sinners, nor are you to keep their standards of vileness and wickedness.

Reject the overtures of those who have sold their souls for their own safety. Such are literally traitors before Me when they choose to please men rather than Me. I am the One you are meant to please, obey, and follow after each day as My Spirit directs and commands you.

It is a good thing to know that when you will obey Me rather than men, I will keep you. If the evil ones attempt to take your lives, remember that they cannot do so if I do not allow them to kill you. When your time on this earth is finished, you will experience great joy if you have kept My dictates and standards, for by the same you will be found acceptable.

Remember there is a hereafter, and you are meant to be approved of Me rather than approved of evil men. Behave as united believers in full alliance with Me!