Fools’ Pool

I speak unto you this day and I say that I do not want My people to be fools, nor do I want them to go in the way of fools. There are endless multitudes who are in hell even now because they went the way of fools rather than going in My way. While they considered themselves to be wise in their own conceit, they were literally blind, stupid and dull. Know of a surety that I never intended for them to go to hell. They chose the same by their own behaviors and refusal to repent.

Those who will be found in the fools’ pool are the ones who accept the demonic invitations to them, then dive into the same. The devil has many levels in the fools’ pool, from shallow to deep, and then to drowning and being sucked down the drain into hell itself.

Do not even consider accepting of the devil’s enticements to you, for they are wicked and will literally prove to be destruction to you. You are not intended to be sucked down into the vileness that is found in the regions of hell. Rather, you are intended to walk uprightly, to pay heed to Me, and to walk in the way that I intend and provide for all who will pay heed to My Spirit. My Spirit is given to guide you away from hell and into the way that is eternal life in Me. The way that My Spirit leads you will be holy, pure and clean, for so is My kingdom.

You are living in times when multitudes have given themselves to uncleanness and corruption because they are in rebellion against Me. Rebellion is one of the fools’ levels in the pool. When people are in rebellion, they are against that which I intend and are delighting themselves in the impure, the corrupt, the vile. There are so many people who are yielding fully to rebellion and imagining they are living it up. However, they will find that their so-called “living it up” is actually taking them down into the filthiness of flesh and spirit that will take them to hell in the end.

Multitudes in this time likewise despise and detest the idea of being pure. They prefer to advertise their diversity, their perversity, and their hatred for that which is not defiled. They think themselves to be superior to all who are remaining pure and prudent in their behaviors. They mock and scoff those who have maintained their purity and prudence and regard them as not having any “fun.” Literally, they consider them to be dull because they are not rushing headlong into the sin pools which are everywhere.

Those who are fools will not pay heed to warnings nor admonitions, for they will desire to delve into the forbidden and let that desire drive them into that which I do not intend for them to be involved in. Because they are refusing correction, they are the fools who are taken in their folly.

Be aware that they are not given the way to heaven. Rather, they are taken in their folly into the deep, damp, dark caverns of hell. There they will suffer in the agonies of the damned and never be able to get relief from their miseries. They will be visited by all manner of biting, stinging insects and pestilence such as rats, mice and moles. They will itch and scratch and bite at themselves and others. Some of them will be like rabid dogs, for they will slobber and attempt to bite others or even utterly destroy those they find annoying. Yet, the more they are tormented, the more they will find that they can accomplish nothing to free themselves.

Because they behaved as fools, they jumped into the pools that the devil had prepared for them and they attempted to swim in the filthy waters of iniquity, and were covered in the slime and sludge of the swamps that were there for them. When the devil and his demons arranged their deceitful trickery, the pools appeared to be clean and clear, beautifully blue and inviting. However, once the fools dived in, they became emerged in the slimy sludge that was awaiting them. Quite clearly, they were deceived by the devil’s tactics, yet they did not desire to be set free. They simply became a part of the problem and in that, sunk deeper and deeper.

When people are not resisting sin, they automatically are deceived by the devices of demons and by the same destroyed. It is My intention that My united believers would not be found in the way of fools but rather resisting and refuting the same and warning others of such. My united believers are meant to be launching frontal assault against the wiles of the wicked and maintaining their alliance with My Spirit.

As you are seeing the wicked in their cunning, and you see the ones who are being deceived, warn such ones of the same. However, if they refuse the warning and go in the way of fools, know that you have done your duty towards Me. When My united believers are in alliance with My Spirit, then they are serving as My watchers. That is, they are to warn, to prevent great tragedies, if they see the enemies coming, by telling others of the same.

Do not be yielding to the corruption that is so commonplace in these times. Rather, be glad that by My Spirit you are enabled to give warning to those who are duped by demons and call them into My fold. Those who will hear and obey will be spared, those who refuse and continue in the way of fools will be devoured by the very folly they indulge themselves in.

You are not called to run after folly. You are called to come forth in the newness of life, for the same will be abounding with My wisdom, knowledge and understanding, and you will be kept from the fools’ pool.