Endure till the End

I speak unto you this day and I say: I do not intend that you would allow the pressure of the enemy to destroy you, inasmuch as you are nearing the end. I do not want you to walk in the way of fools and be overwhelmed and overtaken in the same. I want you to know and understand that it is Me you are meant to seek to please. That means that you listen to My Spirit rather than the accuser, who wants you to hate Me and curse Me then die!

Why not use the warfare that you have learned and rebuke the demons that want you to be destroyed and devastated by lies? Realize that when you belonged totally to the devil, it was by My mercy that someone witnessed to you of the salvation mercy that was available through Jesus and you were able to receive the same by repenting.

The good things that you have experienced in your life, remember those. Do not let the accuser open up on you so you end up hating Me because you accept the demons’ lies above the truth. Realize that I have not forsaken you, nor have I departed from you and left you to flounder in the cesspool of death that the enemies are trying to push you into.

As the angry winds of adversity are blowing hard against you, do not bow down to the same and be overwhelmed and overtaken. Realize that because you are nearing the finish, the enemies are constantly attempting to overwhelm you and take you down and cause you to turn against Me.

Remember I am your Creator, I am your Heavenly Father, and I am the One who will continue to send My Spirit to guide you if you want the same. However, if you do not want Me, then you will be left to flounder in the sewage that is constantly seeping through to those who do not stand strong against the liar and the lying demons he sends forth.

I never promised you that you would live in happiness and complete enjoyment on this earth, nor did My Son give forth such a false delusion. In fact, if you will recall, everywhere that Jesus went, He was opposed, spoken evil of, and plotted against by those who claimed that they were My people. It was only too obvious that they weren’t loving Me, for they were despising My Son and seeking to have Him put to death.

Jesus did not succumb to the demonic pressures nor even listen to their insane rantings against Me. When He was mocked on the cross, spit upon and called all manner of evil name, He did not retaliate in anger, nor did He lose hope in Me. He knew that He had to endure to the end, and the same He did, because He knew that I was true and that He would rise again and show to those who wanted Him dead that He was and is risen from the dead.

Jesus did not give Himself to self-pity, nor did He grow angry at His disciples because He had to go the cross and they did not. Rather, He understood fully that He was accountable to Me to finish the course that was set before Him.

Jesus did not become an accuser nor an abuser towards Me. Instead, He finished His course by enduring the shame, the pain and the blame. He was maligned and spoken of as though He was a vicious criminal who must be stopped at all costs. Yet, never did He succumb to self-pity and blame Me for the trying of His faith. Instead, He endured hardness as a good soldier and finished His course in bravery and obedience.

Do not be short sighted and give up before the end, when the end is in sight. Realize that the wicked forces of darkness are set against you to trip you up as you are nearing the finish line. Do not be so stupid as to keep listening to the liar. Instead, rebuke him and the demons who are ganged up against you and pounding you with lies.

You know that you can endure. Now just do it. In other words, don’t listen to the lying spirits that want you to be overturned and captivated then devoured. The reality is that you must stand strong against those forces that want you to have a blow up and fall into the darkness they have waiting for you. Why should you be swallowed in darkness, wickedness and lies, and then end in hell because you failed to endure?

You actually have more strength in and through Me than any force of hell can use against you and by the same cause you to be destroyed. It is absolutely senseless to allow self to take over and side with the demon powers. The old nature that lurks within you is a liar and will convince you that no one has suffered or is suffering more than you.

When you are trusting in your own carnality, you are trusting in a liar and are being deceived by the same. Reality is that you have not suffered near so much as you have allowed yourself to believe. Instead, you are to realize that there are many who have gone on before you who did not accept deliverance, that they could receive a greater reward.

Actually, the more you yield to the accuser, the more you become an abuser and a loser. Why should you abuse and accuse Me and those who are your brothers and sisters in My family? Do not yield to the devil as did Eve in the garden, and by the same be cast out of My presence.

If you want to think that the devil is telling you the truth about My cruelty towards you, you are very needy of repentance. Why be so stupid as to accuse Me, when I am the One who sent My Son to give you salvation and rescue you from the inevitable destiny of hell? Sober up and stop feeling sorry for yourself!