Not Guilty, Yet Put to Death

I speak to you this day and I say: Do not think it a strange thing when you are hated because of your identity with My Son Jesus. When you consider how cruelly Jesus was treated by the Jewish leaders because He stood for and declared the truth, do not think that you will be treated in any different way. It is Me the Living God who has desired for My people to be true believers and united with Me, My Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Those who are truly united believers will be in continual alliance with what is being revealed to them through My Holy Spirit, and they will seek to be obedient to Me in the same. I do not want My people to be estranged from Me and going in the ways of the world. Rather, My true people will be going in the way that the Spirit directs, which will be the pathway that Jesus walked, the way that is all truth.

Prior to My Son’s visitation and earthly pilgrimage, there were times when My people were so far from Me that I sent to them My prophets crying out for them to repent. Many times My prophets were rejected and hated, imprisoned, lied on, treated with much abuse, and some even put to death by stoning and other means, because they declared the truth.

Reality is that those who listened to My prophets and repented were spared, and likewise spread the truth they heard. Then they were hated for the declaration of the truth, because those who were in corrupt control were hating the truth and despising all who stood for the same.

In these times, do not be shocked at what you see, for multitudes have chosen in opposition to Me and gone after that which I have forbidden to them. In such misbehavior, they are rebellious and are God haters, for they are loving darkness over light, and lies above the truth. Know that there are great armies of demonic spirits that have been released upon this earth and that are swarming to certain groups of people to get them to commit deeds of gross wickedness and filthiness.

You are living in times when the wicked are in proud array and are believing themselves to be totally invincible and secure in all of their dark and deadly deeds whereby they are ruling supreme. Be knowing that because they are in such wickedness, they are influencing the multitudes to eat of the wickedness and evil that is being daily offered to them as “the way of life.” In reality, what the multitudes are being offered is “the way of death.” Far too many are meeting with premature death because of the forces of evil that are the influences they adhere to.

It is not My intention that people would desire to die rather than live because their minds are full of demonic input. Yet, because of the failure of previous generations of those who said they were Mine to stand for truth, the present generation is covered in lies and refusing to even see the truth. This is because they are blinded by the devil and listening to him rather than Me. Because of this oppressive covering, the mindset is rebellious against that which is good and comes of Me. Instead, people, and especially the youth, are encased in a prevailing mindset of death and causing many to partake of the demonic devices of sin that end in death and damnation.

When you consider that many youth of today were born into a culture where murder has been commonplace in the form of abortion, even multitudes of such youth were born of wombs that had already been the altars where brothers and sisters were slain. So of course, such offspring as lived were going to be covered by violence, murder and death.

How important is the truth? Without knowing the truth, men, women and children will be covered in lies, to the extent that they will want to murder any and all who dares to be messengers sent to speak the truth. Be aware that if you are called to declare the truth and you obey that call, you can expect to be not guilty, yet crucified.

This means that because the hatred for the truth is so tremendous, those who are declaring that truth will put on all kinds of lists by high officials and hated because they speak the truth. Then they will be mistreated, spoken evil of, and assumed to be enemies of the state. Do not expect to have a blissful life if you are standing for the truth. Rather, look to be treated like an absolute fool. Do not think it strange that you are scorned, mocked and scoffed by those who are under demonic control and unable to perceive, receive or listen to the truth.

It is My intention to send forth My messengers in powerful anointing, for they will be declaring the truth, with signs following. In this outpouring of the call to REPENT, the united believers will not be discouraged by the troubles that will come upon them because of the truth. This is because in their hearts they are truly aligned with Me and willing to walk the full course that Jesus walked.

Likewise, they will know and understand that Jesus was and is the example of absolute obedience and sacrifice, inasmuch as He did not withhold Himself but obeyed and suffered in all points. Therefore, those who are His disciples will not be jealous fakers as was Judas. Rather, they will allow My Spirit to reveal all demonic activity and will want the demons gone. They will not entertain lies, nor will they be the hosts for demons. Instead, they will be not guilty, yet crucified for the truth they speak forth.