I speak unto you this day and I say: There are many secret things that I desire to reveal to My Spirit people. These things are hidden from the world, and they are hidden from those who claim to be Mine yet are steeped in pride. I do not want My people to be wallowing in pride and therefore unable to hear My Spirit when the same directs them to repent and walk in humility. There are so many beautiful, secret and hidden things that I want My people to know, that they can understand My kingdom more fully.

It is not My intention that My people would be caught up in the ways of the world and by the same imagine that they are increasing in knowledge. I want My people to be directed, corrected and instructed by My Spirit that they would come into true wisdom which is great treasure. It has never been My intention that My people would take up the dumbness that has permeated the world at this time.

There are countless people in these times who are following after the vanities and the emptiness of the world and being devoured by the foolery of the same. When people are imagining that they can do whatever they want and get by, they are stupid, dull and dumb, because they have taken up the spirit of this age and by that are blinded.

As My people, you are meant to draw near to Me and be in subjectivity to the mind of My Spirit, that you can be enabled to hear and receive the secret things that I desire to reveal to My own. Therefore, be willing to purge yourselves of all worldliness and ungodly lusts, that the same do not overtake your lives and devastate your integrity in Me. You are not intended to be in the mindset that is so common in these times, whereby many are living only for the flesh and not for the Spirit. Souls are perishing for the lack of the true wisdom that can only be found through Me.

Be thankful this day that you are not meant to be overwhelmed and overtaken by those things that men would imagine elevate them to realms of great wisdom yet are nothing but deceiving spirits, as they are under the doctrines of devils. Do not imagine that you must pay heed to the doctrines of devils, for the same are lies. When you make the effort to keep away from the lies and the liars, you will find that in these times very few are speaking the truth. Instead, they are speaking lies and are hypocritical in the same. When you are full of the discernment of My Spirit, you will be exercised to be enabled to tell what is evil and what is good.

In these times, multitudes are calling evil good and good evil. Think it not strange that the world has completely flipped and people are saying and doing things that are far from reality and believing imagination and fantasy far above the truth. When you see the ones who have yielded to such madness, do not imagine that you must be partakers of the same. You are not intended to be partakers of such madness. You are intended to be partaking of the truth and walking in the humility that is available to those who are wanting to please Me.

Learn to seek My face with all diligence and understanding that the way that I lead you is the way that is perfect and given for you that you can understand and seek your counsel of Me each day. It is My intention that you would know and understand that when you are desiring Me, I will reveal to you through the mind of My Spirit many secrets about My kingdom and the operation of the same.

I do not show these things to the world, for they are swine who would trample the precious as they make their way to the vile. They do not understand My ways, nor do they desire to please Me. When some try to make those of the world to see the light, know that the majority of the world’s people will mock and scoff the knowledge I would give them, because their hearts are far from Me. I do not want you to live in the place of misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the wisdom and knowledge I desire to reveal to you. However, when your hearts are full of the worldliness, they will be hard against the righteousness and holiness that I want to impart to you.

Do not ever assume that you know more than you do. Rather, keep focused on Me and My intentions for you, for in the same the purpose for which you were created is to be revealed. Yes, the secrets that I will give to those who are capable of receiving are far above the realms of carnality where most people are dwelling in these times.

Be thankful even this day that, as you will partake of the secret places that I desire for you to have, you will be greatly increased in appreciation and be glad that I am ever with you to openly display My love towards you. When I want to reveal My secrets unto you, do not run from the same. Rather, be trusting and believing that the same are given to you in order to bring you closer and closer to Me.

It is a good thing when My people are knowing that through Me they will be led in the way that will cause them to be perfected in Me. More and more, as you increase in wisdom, knowledge and understanding, so will you be given secret insights that were never before possible for you. Comprehend even this day that as you are made complete in Me, so are you able to appreciate more and more what I do for you and in you as you dwell in the secret place.