Star Gazers

I speak unto you this day and I say: There are multitudes in these times who are star gazers. That is, while they watch the physical skies at night, they think that they see all kinds of things. However, much of what they see is not what is literally “in the skies” as much as it is imagination and also powers that are demonic.

What many people do not understand or comprehend is that the habit of star gazing is not a new thing. In fact, it has been around a long time and is literally dangerous, in the sense that I do not want My people to be giving themselves to demon demonstrations, divination, or witchcraft by those who are workers of deceit.

I do not desire that My people would eat off of the table of demons then claim they are all right with Me. In fact, when My people are eating of the table of demons, they get filled with the poison of the same. Then they give themselves over to unbelief, doubt, fear and foolery, for they have taken in the unclean, filthy, contaminating things that lead them far from Me. I do not want My people to be far from Me; I want them near to Me. Do not therefore be quick to partake of that which is unclean, for it is forbidden.

When you really become aware of My holiness, you will not be quick to partake of that which is forbidden and that I do not want for you. Instead, be quick to seek for the purity that is found in and through My holiness and the standard that I desire of My people. Do not go a whoring and be taken in by the beguiling spirits of those who are practitioners of the occult and promoters of those crafts of corruption.

I absolutely do not want My people to be partaking of the table of the workers of iniquity who are star gazers, soothsayers, and observers of times. Do not partake of the practices of the heathen who are round about, for none of their practices are of Me. These ones are adhering to the demonic input that will prove to be weakening and enfeebling to them and will cause them sore dismay and distress.

The devil’s agenda remains the same throughout all times, that is, to kill, steal, and destroy. Do not by any means think that you have to listen to or adhere to his output. The same has death as the reward, and hell as the destiny of those who are listening to such rabble and babble. I want My people to listen to Me, for I am the author and the finisher, and I want you to know that it is Me you must adhere to and obey at all times, not deviating to play with the devil’s devices.

This day, be glad to know that I do expect the right standards of conduct from My people at all times, which means in essence that they are aiming towards the high calling rather than the low calling of the devil. Do not by any means be imagining that you can adhere to darkness and partaking of the delusions of the same, and still be found pleasing Me. Realize that I am wanting My people to follow My ways and not the way of fools.

Therefore, be thankful that you can adhere to that which is good and sweet rather than that which is bitter as gall. Realize that it is intended for My people to be adhering to Me with all of their hearts and souls and knowing that I am the One who has given them the purpose that they were born for. It is not intended that My people would become star gazers, prognosticators, soothsayers, nor observers of times.

My people are meant to stay true to Me and not practice lying divination or use deceitful means. Rather, My people are intended to stay true to Me and not be playing the whore by flirting with the devil and his demons. Realize that those who are workers of darkness are just that, children of the devil. This does not mean that they cannot be turned from darkness and brought into the light if they repent of their sins unto Jesus and come forth in the newness of life that He provides.

Be thankful that when many of you were steeped in darkness, drunk on pride, and controlled by demonic powers, My Spirit overshadowed you and convicted you of your sinful state that you could repent and turn to Jesus with confession of your sins. Then you were enabled to be born again of incorruptible seed and given the newness of life through Jesus, who became your Savior and Lord.

Be thankful this day that you do not need to be as those who are choosing to be losing by following after that which has never been intended for them to walk by nor to live in, because by and through rebellion, resulting in flirtation then moving to spiritual fornication, they yield to demon powers that I never intended for anyone to be ruled by. Therefore, do not be as those who go a whoring and by the same end in hell.

Be faithful, be true, and see what I am able to do for you as you adhere to Me as the One you love. Today, do not be distracted nor attracted to the forbidden. Forsake and do not turn back to the works of darkness that formerly held you in captivity. Reality is that there are endless multitudes who have sought after other gods and by so doing have estranged themselves from Me and have chosen the liar as their covering.

As you serve each day in the attitude of gratitude, you are shown how abundant My mercies are to have sent My Son into the world that you were redeemed from the penalty of your sins. Likewise, you were freed from the captivity and bondage of darkness and given My light upon the path and the privilege to live in Me as the One you are meant to serve and obey.