Legion or Legend?

I speak unto you this day and I say that My Son was not afraid of those who were demon possessed as was Legion, the man who was so full of demons that he was insane and not able to be controlled by mere carnal men.

When Jesus approached, the demons in Legion begged Him to not send them out of the region. So, Jesus commanded them to enter into a big herd of pigs, and then the pigs ran headlong into the sea and drowned. Those demons that were in the man recognized the power that was in Jesus and they were afraid, inasmuch as they knew that He was My Son.

Strange it is that demons recognized Him and those who were declaring that they were My people did not want to recognize Him as My Son. The religious leaders were especially in denial in reference to Jesus because they considered that He was a threat to their domain of power over the people.

Those pretentious leaders had only a form of religious display but their hearts were far from Me, and they wanted to only have their own way and their own display, because they were full of themselves and rotten to the core. Because they were so far from Me, I found no pleasure in them, and because I knew who they were and what they did to My people, I sent My Son with the deliverance power over demons to free My people.

The religious leaders did nothing for My people. They only used them for their own gain and their own fame, because they were full of themselves as well as demons. They did not desire deliverance, because they were literally well pleased with the demonic power they had over My people.

Realize that I never intended for My people to be ruled by men whose hearts were so hard and bitter towards Me. Obviously, those leaders were the product of religious pride and hatred for the truth. They wanted nothing to do with the truth and scorned and mocked Jesus because they wanted Him dead. Of course, everywhere He went and in everything He did, they wanted to show Him up to be wrong. However, they could not, because He was full of the Spirit’s power and they were not.

Be thankful this day that you do not need to be locked in the demonic prison houses that so many are in now. If you take a good look, you can see multitudes of demon possessed people who are just as insane as was Legion, and they are uncontrollable. I want My true ones, the united believers, to take the authority over such demonic powers and not live in fear of such demonic forces. The truth is that as My people you have been given the power to cast out demons and let the oppressed go free from the very things that are keeping them in severe and oppressive bondage.

I do not want My true ones to end up as the hypocrites who say and do not because they are full of the vanity and the vexation that comes because they want their own way, not My way. Be constant in allowing the spirit of discernment to show you those things that creep in and spoil your relationship with Me. Do not be moved by the opinions of men and let the same take control of you. Rather, be yielded to My Spirit and do not be a host for demonic powers that only destroy.

Consider the absolute agony that Legion lived under when he was totally possessed by demon powers. Jesus actually was moved to free him from such a prison house. He freed him to become a testimony to the people who had known him as the demoniac. Jesus became, as He obeyed Me, the Living Legend that changed the entire course of humanity. Through Him and the obedience He completed, people were able to be forgiven of their sins and brought forth by a plain path, uplifted and enabled to be restored to fellowship with Me as their Father in heaven.

It is totally My intention that those who are the united believers would operate in the realm of casting out demons that souls could be, as was Legion, freed from the prison houses of demon control. To cast out demons is to demonstrate My mercy and compassion. Yet, people are terrified of such a work and believe that those things should never be even talked about.

Many so-called believers have oppression from demons in their lives. They would rather stay in that condition than come out of the same and be set free by the power that Jesus showed forth, which is like being thirsty, yet refusing to drink of clean water when the same is being offered.

I want people to be set free from the power of foul spirits and to be rejoicing in the deliverance they received. I desire that they would respect Jesus the Christ as the One who is the Living Legend and remains alive.

Sad to say, there are many who would rather remain in sentimentalism than come forth in the move of My Spirit, because they are satisfied to be in control or so they imagine. However, they are not in control when they are merely having a form of godliness but denying the power. All that they are doing is wearing a religious mask, while the demons are literally oppressing them in many areas of their lives.

Be thankful even now that you do not need to let demons have the control in your lives. Rather, you can be attentive unto Me and know that I remain and am the One who has given you the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you. Likewise, I have given you Jesus as the One who has left the pattern for you to follow. Do not be afraid to cast out demons and see the captives freed. The devil and his crowd will hate you, but I will be with you!