Beguiling Demons

I speak to you this day and I say: Beware and be aware that there are vast multitudes of beguiling demons that are currently being released throughout the earth. Many are being taken into captivity and bondage, unable to free themselves from the spirits that have beguiled them and deceived them into demonic traps and entanglements. I have not intended that you would be easily deceived and taken into bondage, yet such spirits are ever present and are causing much havoc even among My own people.

Because of the overwhelming fears that are attacking people in these times, far too many are easy prey for the forces of darkness that grab hold of them and take over their hearts and minds by deception. I do not call you to be counted with the beguiled. I call you to be with the ones who are daily being led by My Spirit and enlightened in the truth that I give to My own through the Spirit.

There are some who are prejudiced against the leading of My Spirit and prefer to stay on a very carnal level and live in the beguilement that tells them that they don’t need My Spirit to lead them. Inasmuch as they are living in deception, they prefer the same over the truth because they are afraid to trust Me and would rather trust the devil. I do not want My people to trust the devil and his demons, for they will bring in much delusion and confusion and cause many sorrows.

Be thankful that you can be trusting in Me and welcoming the directions given to you by the Holy Spirit. One of the reasons for the great advance of beguiling delusions that is so evident in these times is because many people have locked out My Spirit. Wherever and whenever generations lock out My Spirit, they become subject to more and more intense madness because they are allowing themselves to be beguiled and led into delusions that are deceptions leading to madness and sadness.

I do not want you to live in madness nor in sadness because of sins that do so easily beset if you are not accepting the discerning of spirits that I want you to live under each day. Consider how many souls have perished and are perishing under the demonic delusions that took them into separation from Me and drove them to sinful and debauched states of existence.

Know of a surety that it has never been My intention that My people would be living in deceptions and delusions that take into hell. Rather, it is My intention that My people would live soberly and walk straightly in My way, knowing beyond any doubt that they are being led by the Holy Spirit. In these times, I am searching for people who are willing to accept the life in the Spirit as the way that they are intended to live as believers in My Son Jesus Christ. These are the times when My people are to realize that they must worship in spirit and in truth.

Therefore, be attentive to what it is that I intend for you to walk by and believe each day, for as you do, you are given the love, the life and the light that you can rejoice to receive, for I will be with you. Do not allow yourself to be beguiled by demon spirits. Keep alert and alive in My Spirit and ever able to discern the workings of demons that attempt to deceive, beguile and entice believers to sin. Realize that there is a constant war that is being fought in the spirit, and you are not intended to be overtaken by the forces of death and destruction.

In this time, there are far too many who want the world, because they have been beguiled into believing that they can master any and every thing. However, in such thinking they are being beguiled away from the humility way and are taking up the way of pride that will cause them much heartache and sorrow. There are multitudes who once knew My way then turned aside because they let themselves be beguiled by pride rather than remaining in humility. Pride is a blinder and works with beguilement to cause people to believe in their own greatness rather than Me.

Do not be accepting of those spirits, for they are intended to destroy your lives and cause you to lose your relationship with Me. It is a tragedy to Me to see souls who are caught up in the agonies of the damned and destined to hell because they grew proud and were beguiled. Know that such spirits do nothing but lead men and women into the snare and entanglement that ends in imprisonment in the caverns of hell forever.

Whenever you see the elements of pride working in your life, do not pretend that those forces are not there. Instead, realize that by and through Me you are enabled to drive out such forces and to ask afresh and anew to be in the humility way that I have for you. When you are doing just that, then you do not have to be duped, deluded and destroyed.

Why not be sure of all that I give to you? For it is good. In the beginning, all that I created was good, including man and woman. However, when the serpent beguiled Eve, she believed him and then went to her husband and beguiled him, and the ugliness of disobedience and sin entered in, which were not good. The consequences of being beguiled were bitter and hard, for they had transgressed against Me rather than discerning and standing against the evil force of the serpent. Therefore, do not even listen to the liar, for he has been such from the beginning and his goal is to destroy you and damn your souls forever. Don’t be beguiled. Believe and stand on the truth.