Cruel as the Grave

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be thankful unto Me that you do not need to be ruled by the cruelty of jealousy, which is full of bitter envy and hatred even for those who are brothers and sisters in Me. Jealousy is indeed cruel as the grave, inasmuch as it is cold, lonely and empty.

Be aware that jealousy is always present and will move you to realms of hatred you did not know were within your carnal nature. When you discover such ugliness is within you, do not be shocked. The reality is that jealousy is ever present and will indeed cause you sore dismay and deep despair if you allow the same to jump you and overtake you.

Do not be quick to accept your feelings, for those are deceptive and will take you far from Me. Jealousy has even caused murder of one brother by another, as was displayed with Cain and Abel. As My people, you are not meant to release yourselves to such a bitter emotion and think that there is no harm from the same. The truth is, there is much harm to be found in bitterness and jealousy, as they are partners of destruction. When jealousy kindles hatred, then bitterness seeps in and spreads the poison of envy, and the cruelty that surfaces is indeed ugly and mean.

Therefore, pay heed to what I tell you with respect to these emotions that can stir people to atrocities that they will later regret because they have given themselves over to that which I never intended for them to be participating in. Realize that if you do not keep up your guard, then you will see that you can be swept away by the flood of negative emotions that will justify you to do anything that you want, and imagine that you get by with the same. You do not get by with anything, for you are totally responsible for all that you do and are held accountable for the same. I do not call you to pursue the course that will destroy and devastate you. I have called you to come forth in the way that I do intend and provide.

When I created My people, I intended for them to undergird, admonish, and encourage one another. Had Adam accepted his rightful role, he would have corrected his wife when she came to him with the forbidden. He would have admonished her according to My command given to them. However, because he did not, sin grabbed them both and they became literally jealous of Me as their Creator and wanted to be as I am.

However, it was forbidden to them to eat of the tree, yet they did, as they were stirred to jealousy by the serpent, and consequently sinned and caused their own banishment from My presence. It was not My desire to banish them. It was by their own choices that they brought the curse down on all humanity, because they allowed themselves to be ruled by feelings rather than facts. I do not intend for My people to be ruled by feelings. I intend for them to be ruled by the facts that are the truth.

When My people stay in the soberness of truth, they are not swept away by the waves of negative and vile emotions that want to come upon them and take them away from the truth. As My people, realize that you are not to be taken up in an emotional upheaval and find yourselves overwhelmed in the same. Rather, you are to continue steadfast and know that it is Me who wants you to be steadfast and abounding in My works. You are not to be giving yourselves to the works of the flesh, which are jealousy, envy, division, and strife. You are to be thankful that you do not need to walk afar off from Me, nor go in the way of fools.

Know of a surety that there are endless numbers who are in hell because they yielded themselves to jealousy and allowed the same to captivate them and cause them sore dismay and distress. You are not intended to be in such a place. You are intended to be found ever abiding in Me and knowing that I am who I say that I AM.

Therefore, do not be weary in well doing. Just continue to walk uprightly in Me, knowing that as you persist in My way, you are given the abundance that only I can give. Do not choose to walk afar off from Me, nor go in the way that leads to damnation. It is Me who gives to you the ability to cast off those emotions that want to coil themselves around you like a snake and squeeze the new life out of you and leave you dead and piled up, waiting to be burned in the fires of hell.

Those who are yielding themselves to the emotions that destroy are not fighting against the serpentine powers of death. Instead, they are passively allowing themselves to be overwhelmed, overtaken and devoured by that which I have never intended for them.

Be aware that you can resist, refute and rebuke the demon spirits that want to devastate and destroy you, and you can stand strong against the power of those jealous emotions that want you to erupt and put on a self-pitying display. You are not by any means meant to yield to self-pity, nor allow the same to overtake you. You are intended to stand up against the devil and realize that his powers over you are not stronger than Me, and that when you are refusing him he has to pack up the demons like baggage and leave.

There is no way that you can assume that you are defeated by the liar, for the power that is in Me is greater than any power in the world. Jesus defeated the devil through the power of My Word. Do the same and beat him down with the Word. Be demanding that he take jealousy and friends with him!