War Zone or Peace Zone?

I speak unto you this day and I ask: Are you in the War Zone or the Peace Zone? There are many places on earth in these times where there is so much inter-tribal, inter-nation, inter-state, and inter-city warfare that such localities are entitled War Zones. More and more such internal turmoil is being revealed, as rivals are constantly at war with one another, and bloodshed is common among them.

I do not want you to be involved in meaningless bloodshed and violence over things that are not important in this life or in eternity. As you will know, in many cities, both large and small, violence and murder have become the way of life and death. War Zones are growing more and more.

Countless numbers of youth are becoming involved in criminal activity of all sorts, with no goals in their lives, as they are living and dying for the cause of their disputations with others, even in the same neighborhoods. Many are living in fear, even though they do not participate in the “inter” wars, but they are dwelling in the vicinity of the same, with no way to escape.

Over and over, wars erupt, and the innocent are wounded or killed by violence they had no part in. In reality, the causes of “inter” conflicts are oftentimes irrational and are based on demonically inspired factors. Multitudes are swept up in the waves of war that cause senseless loss of life and limb as well as property and material goods.

As the devil and his demons are thrilled by death and destruction, you can well imagine the unrest and turmoil they stir up. They are ever trying to cause men, women and children to be stirred to violence and bloodshed. As tempers rise, pride arises, causing continual feuding and disputes. Those who are wanting to live peacefully are oftentimes the innocent victims of such eruptions, as wars seem to never end.

People oftentimes declaring that they want to live in peace are literally driven by the wickedness of the times to turn to war themselves, as life seems to become unmanageable and intolerance becomes a way of life. When those who had formerly lived in peace enter into the disputes, it is often out of bitterness and revenge, inasmuch as they have suffered the loss of loved ones through the turbulence of the times.

I do not want My people to enter into such wars as are everywhere, even on every street corner in some places. This is because I offer to keep My people in the Peace Zone if they keep their hearts and their minds stayed on Me. I never wanted for My people to turn aside and take up the ways that lead to devastation and destruction. I have wanted and still do for My people to know that in and through Me they can be kept in the perfect peace that is found through Me. The more that the world grows violent, the more that I want My people to be the representation of My salvation and conduct themselves in and by peaceful means.

My people are given perfect peace as they keep in Me, even in the midst of much upheaval. It is possible to know the peace that I give and to be strengthened in the same, despite the circumstances and situations that are at hand. Therefore, do not be weary in well doing. Simply continue to draw of the peace that can only be found in and through Me.

Those who are professing false peace are literally at war with Me, for they are choosing confusion and delusion and are establishing themselves in the War Zone by the same. Do not think that you can be walking in the gross darkness of these times and not get affected by the same. Therefore, do not seek for delusion and confusion. Seek for clarity and rejoice that My Spirit will lead you in the same.

Be knowing that the absolute violence of these times, whereby War Zones are multiplying rapidly, is because people have chosen and are choosing to be at war with Me as their Creator. Their choices for evil bring in more and more evil and cause multitudes to be taken down and overwhelmed. It is My intention that My people would be in cooperation with Me and not separated from Me. Do not by any means believe in the false messengers who are liars and schemers and will lead you into rebellion. Instead, be thankful to be uplifted and brought forth, enabled to rejoice, and give Me thanks and praise each day for the tender mercies that you receive from Me.

Continue to declare the message of repentance, for when people are truly repentant, then they are by the same able to desire peace even in the midst of the War Zones. The peace that comes from being in right standing with Me is of more importance than being involved in the ugliness of the world and gaining the spoils of war. Therefore, be aware that the only war that is worth fighting is the war for souls to come into forgiveness mercy through repentance unto Jesus. Then, souls are liberated and given the opportunity to serve Me and to walk uprightly in My way.

Be glad this day that I am the One who does direct and guide you forth by a plain path and give to you all that you need, and that you can be enabled to do as I want, giving Me thanks and praise. More than ever, be thankful to know that I will keep you as you war for souls to be redeemed. Do not look to the world as though the same would provide peace. It cannot. Look to see people freed from the War Zone of the world and enabled to live and abide in the Peace Zone that is given by My Son, the Prince of Peace.