I speak unto you this day and I say that in the beginning I made man and woman, and they were not ashamed. Although they were naked before Me, there was no sin, and therefore they were not aware of their nakedness, nor did they try to hide from Me. However, once they entered into disobedience, they tried to hide from Me because of their sins and transgressions against Me. Know that I never called them to sin against Me, but they listened to the serpent and took his advice above My commands.

Once Adam and Eve sinned against Me, then darkness and awareness of their sinful state entered in. They were ashamed to be seen by Me and tried to hide themselves from Me. Of course, they could not hide from Me, as I knew where they were, and I knew what they had done. That is why it is so foolish when men and women will try to hide their sins from Me and act as though they have committed no sins at all. I know the actions of all peoples throughout the earth, inasmuch as I see all, hear all, and know all that transpires among human beings.

When people enter into sin and transgressions, they are initially ashamed. However, as time passes, if they continue in sin and do not repent, their hearts grow harder and harder, and they are no longer serving Me. Instead they are serving darkness, they are serving the devil and his demons and are allowing themselves to be directed by such masters.

Consider if you will, that the devil is the accuser, and he constantly seeks to accuse all believers as well as accuse Me to all believers. Because Adam and Eve turned aside from Me, they believed the accuser, and when confronted they began accusing. Adam accused God of giving Eve to him for wife and he accused Eve of misleading him. Eve in turn accused the serpent. Neither of them wanted to accept the responsibility that they had to Me nor to each other.

Adam was actually guilty because he was told by Me not to eat of the tree. When his wife offered to him to eat of the forbidden, he did so without questioning or correcting her as to My instructions. Because he did so readily pay heed to his wife above Me, he was guilty of falling into the snare laid by the serpent. It was never My intention that either of them would listen to the serpent, yet they chose to do so because they were easily receptive to his deceptions. Those deceptions took them far from the innocence they had in the beginning, when all was good and they walked in the Garden and communed with Me.

Because of their sins, they tried to hide out and act as though things were still all right. In reality, nothing was all right because they had tossed aside My instructions to them and followed lies rather than the truth. The consequence is that they were banished from the garden and given the hard reality of life without being covered by Me. They were to find out what it was to labor for their daily food each day without a break. No longer did they enjoy the life they once knew, for their sins had separated them from My presence and the abundance that was in the garden.

They wore coverings of animal skins over their naked bodies, and this brought death to the animals who were killed to cover them. Thus, sin brought the death of those animals, and so the cycle of sacrifice began to cover their sins. Realize that the animals had not sinned. They had sinned, yet those animals lost their lives to cover them in their sinful state.

As time progressed, so did sin take its toll, as Adam and Eve encountered sin within their own children and bloodshed. They did not bear children as easily as they could have, as Eve was to know the pain of childbirth as she received the curse of her transgressions and bore her children in pain and travail. So it is with sin. It causes much unnecessary pain and travail that comes as the reward of sin. Those who sin against Me will suffer many hardships and pains in this life because they have chosen in opposition to Me and gone in the way of transgressors, and that way is always hard.

No longer were they, Adam and Eve, abiding in My presence, My abundance, My mercy. Because they had chosen independently of Me, they both failed and were to face the consequences of their independence. So often, My people make decisions in this life that do not involve Me, and because they do, then they suffer for such decisions, and the consequence is hardship multiplied and increased.

There are endless multitudes who are in hell because they chose to go in the way of sin and never repented of the same. As the consequence of their sins, they rejected life and chose death, ending their lives of misery on earth only to enter into the agonies of the damned. How foolish they all have been in their choices, which were in opposition to Me.

Do not choose in opposition; choose in cooperation with Me, and know the joy of the redeemed rather than the sorrow of the damned. The reality is that all will stand naked before Me. There will be nothing to cover them, and what they have done and not done will be evident before My eyes of fire. None will be able to hide from My presence, for I will know who and where they are. Be thankful that you do not need to seek to bear a false covering but that you can be covered by Me now and walk in My way. Then, when your day comes, you will be before Me, naked and not ashamed.