Young World

I speak unto you this day and I say that there was a time when the world was young and I had hopes for the same. However, when sin entered in, people went from one sin to the next, multiplying their transgressions against Me. It became a sorrow to Me to look upon the sinful state that people were in and calling themselves Mine. As they continued to sin, they committed abominations before Me and had no respect for Me as their Creator.

As I looked upon them, I remembered when the world was young and not full of the sins that were being done without repentance. So, it was that I commissioned My Servant Noah to build an ark of safety for himself and all who would listen to the message he gave. He was mocked and taunted as he steadfastly kept building the ark and did as I had told him to do. When Noah warned the mockers and scoffers, they did not believe him in any respect, and he became the subject of their mockery.

However, all of their mocking and scoffing was their downfall, for when the ark door was shut, none could enter in. Then came the great rains that continued for forty days and forty nights, and those who had mocked and scoffed were drowned in the great flood.

I knew that what I did to them was just because they had grown so excessive in their sins and transgressions that I no longer had hope for them, as they were no longer in the young world when everything was fresh and clean. They had entered into the ugly world of sin and transgression and were full of filthiness by the same. Know that I did not find any pleasure in them whatsoever, and by their own sinfulness they lost their lives by drowning. When the rains ceased, they were all dead, except for Noah and his family members who had entered into the ark.

I then brought forth new people with hopes they would not fall prey to the same sins and abominations that those who had drowned in the flood had been guilty of. Yet, as the next young world these also fell prey to the same sins and abominations as had been previously indulged in by those who had perished in the flood. There was no way that they would prove to be any better than those who had drowned in the deluge of rain that had fallen during the forty days and forty nights.

Over and over since of creation of humanity, I have seen them fall prey to the insanity of sin and transgression against Me. They showed themselves to be fools and by such they were not at all pleasing in My sight. When you look at the multiplied sins of humanity, you must see that the sins displayed in the days of Noah are still around today. Although I made the covenant to never again destroy humanity by the means of the flood, I still am disgusted with their sins and transgressions.

It was never My intention that I would need to show forth My wrath, fury and indignation against the ones I had created. Yet because of sin, I was so disturbed and distraught by their actions against Me that I was pushed to destroy all whom I had created because of their sins and transgressions. Of course, I spared Noah because of his obedience towards Me.

Again, I brought forth new life among humankind, only to see them sin again and fall short of My intentions for them to walk uprightly. As time progressed throughout the ages, peoples have grown more and more sinful and disrespectful of Me, committing all manner of abominations and violations.

However, consider that I have not totally destroyed humanity once again. Rather, I have kept them in this earth, although I have had to give forth severe demonstrations of My wrath, fury and indignation over and over.

Yes, there have been nations, tribes, peoples and lands that I have destroyed because their sins were so vile before Me. However, I have never destroyed any that I have not warned. When people refuse to pay heed to My warnings to cease from their wickedness, then they are the ones who invite My wrath upon them, and by the same they suffer or are destroyed completely.

Be thankful that you can pay heed to Me and obey the commands given to you by My Spirit that you do not incur My wrath, fury and indignation. It is indeed a tragic thing to fall under My wrath and by the same be overwhelmed. It is better to obey the Spirit and be brought forth in the multitude of mercies that I give to you each and every day.

Do not be shocked when you see the open displays of My wrath in these times of gross wickedness. Know that I have sent warning after warning to multitudes who have ignored the same and made a pretense of loving Me while their hearts are far from Me. Know that I have never intended for men, women and children to live in the sinfulness that they are in. Because they choose to make sin their abode, they pay for the same. Be thankful this day that you do not have to live in sin. Rather, you can live and abide in Me and know that I am the One who is indeed well able to keep you.

Be aware that as you come daily into the ark of safety that is found in Me, you are kept from the floods of iniquity that are sweeping the earth at this time. Be assured that through Me you will be kept and provided for, as I am your source, your strength, and your safety. When your life is in Christ and you remain abiding in Me, then you will be safe in the ark and kept, as the world is flooded with the iniquities that are drowning multitudes.