Power Lust: a Worldwide Plague

I speak unto you this day and I say that in these times there is a worldwide plague that is transpiring in many nations, causing much upheaval, destruction and homelessness. This plague is power lust and is not peculiar to any particular nation or racial group, but is found in the hearts of all who set out to rule and have power over other people’s lives.

I do not want you to be caught up in the lust for power, because it is indeed a treachery that causes much destruction throughout the earth. Therefore, do not be subjecting yourselves to the lust for power that causes such political-power ambitions as to drive leaders into becoming “mad.” By the force of demons, they become convinced of their own greatness, as did Nebuchadnezzar, and by the same they take on the covering of madness and are driven to the point of insanity. This is because they are giving themselves over to pride and the belief in their own greatness.

However, they fail to remember that they are merely human beings and they do not by any means remain forever, nor do they reign supreme. It is Me the Living God who considers the nations as but a drop in the bucket, and I am the One who raises nations and leaders up and brings them down until they are remembered no more. Then their idols are crushed and blown to the wind. Their relics remain hidden in the earth or in the waters of the sea and are discovered hundreds of years later, as they had long time been forgotten or regarded as lost forever.

Because they have become drunk on what they assume to be their own importance and sphere of control, they are basically choosing to be infected and infiltrated by demons whose goal is to drive them mad and insane in the realm of power lust. Power lust is an all-consuming drive that comes into men and women’s hearts by proud thoughts and imaginations, and such is fueled by demonic input.

When nations are being led by leaders who are full of the lust for power, then nations are deluded. The citizens are kept in severe bondage in order to satisfy the power lust of the leaders. However, such lust is never satisfied, and the leaders become increasingly more tyrannical and demanding. Then, still not satisfied, they look beyond their own boundaries and desire the nations round about.

War of course ensues as the lust for power is expanded, and if such leaders are able to conquer neighboring nations, then their scope is enlarged and their pride is elevated to greater extent. In the days you are in of advanced technology, many leaders even of smaller nations become so intoxicated on pride that they imagine themselves as rulers over the entire world. Of course, such delusion is revealed but no repentance comes forth, because of the drunkenness of pride and the driving force of the demons that possess such fools. Needless to say, endless multitudes lose their lives and their souls in the useless and needless wars brought about by the unsatisfied lust of power-mad leaders.

Keep in mind that lusts of all kinds are dangerous, and when you see those who allow themselves to be possessed of lust, especially the lust for power, know that the consequences will not be sweet. They will be bitter and will cause unnecessary hardship and suffering to those who are under the domain of the power mongrels.

When you take a good look at the world in these times, what do you see? The unrest, the turmoil, the intrigues, the delusion and confusion that are all the consequence of power lust, and there is no end in sight. Be aware that to give way to the lust for power is to give way to the end that will prove to be not only disastrous, but deadly.

I do not intend My people to be caught up in the lusts of the flesh, because the same are contaminating and will cause them much distress. Be aware that you must bring yourselves into subjectivity in all areas of your life because you are meant for My purposes and not your own. While you hear continually of the distresses of nations as world leaders strive against one another in their lust for power, know that you are to do My will and keep your vision single unto Me.

Be thankful this day that I have called you to walk in a plain path and to be uplifted in the power, the strength, the glory of who I am. Do not look to the arm of flesh as though carnal men and women can resolve the troubles that are so evident in these times. Rather, keep at the task I have given for you to accomplish for My kingdom, which remains when the kingdoms of men are long forgotten. Do not expect to see peace on earth if men and women will not repent and come into peace with Me. The only true and lasting peace is the peace that comes when people are humbled enough to repent and turn from their wicked ways and walk in the way that is given through the sacrifice of Jesus My Son.

Serve Me in the attitude of gratitude each day, knowing that through Me you are shown the pathway that is eternal and everlasting and superior to all of the deviate and perverted pathways that those who are deluded by power lust would advocate. It is by and through Me that you are enabled to continue in the power of My Name and to partake of that which I give to you each day. Thank Me that you are guided by the power of My Spirit.