The Fat Belongs to God

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not take that which belongs to Me and use the same for yourselves. When My priests of old took what was meant to be Mine and used it for themselves, they sinned against Me. Then, in order to gain forgiveness for such sins, they were to turn from the same and give Me the offering I required. Likewise, when the people sinned against Me, they were to bring to the temple the offering that I required.

I did not intend for anyone to keep back from Me what was intended. Yet My priests were continually guilty of taking the fat for themselves and not burning it on the altar before Me. I did not want for them to keep that which was intended to be offered to Me. While the priests grew fat on the forbidden, they were actually taking to themselves curses because of their disobedience to My commands.

So it is now, that multitudes of men and women have grown fat on that which was intended to be offered to Me. How many huge ministries are there in these days that are fat, increased with goods, and imagining that they have need of nothing? All the while such are naked, poor, and full of sin before Me. While they imagine they get by with their stealing what is Mine, they do not get by.

They are not getting by. They are heaping up to themselves condemnation, for they rob the poor to fatten themselves. While the ministers may not appear to be fat in the flesh, they are enjoying luxuries that were not intended for them and living in abundance that I never intended for them. Those who represent Me are not supposed to steal and live in luxury off of what people have offered to Me.

It has been and still is My intention that the offerings that are given are to be used for the spreading of the gospel throughout the earth. When Jesus departed and returned to Me, He told His disciples to “go into all the world and preach the gospel.” Such was His command given, that people throughout the earth would hear the good news. The good news was that Jesus had given Himself as the offering for their sins, and when He did, His expectation was that they would come unto Him and be saved.

That good news is still meant to be preached throughout the earth, and by the same disciples are to be made for His kingdom, as people everywhere will glorify His Name and honor Me as their Father in heaven. However, when those who are meant to preach the gospel throughout the earth refuse to do so and prefer to grow fat and full, living in luxury while souls are dying without the knowledge of Jesus, I am angry with such ones and they incur My wrath.

When you hear of “tragedies” occurring in the lives of such false messengers, I am sending such to them that they would see themselves and repent. However, multitudes of such ones will harden their hearts, stiffen their necks, and pursue their own lusts off of the sacrifices of My people. These messengers will not get by with their wickedness, because they are choosing to go in the way that will bring them sorrow and shame in My timing. Many such ones will be hurled into hell when they face the hour of death, because of their thievery and deceit.

I absolutely find no pleasure in the ones who are taking that which is ordained to be given to Me and using it for their own gain, their own fame, and their own pleasures in this life. Far too many are forgetting that as My messengers and as My people I require them to adhere to My dictates and My standards of conduct.

Multitudes have sought only for what they can gain for themselves in this life on earth, without any thought for what they are meant to do for Me. Their goal is to have their best life now, without any thought for their lives in eternity. Consequently, because they are failing to consider the eternal destiny of their souls, they are finding themselves bound in many sorrows in this life. In the life hereafter they will be found in the chambers of hell, undergoing the agonies of the damned, because they chose to oppose Me and go their own way.

Do not seek to “have it your way” then claim to be a Christ follower. Those who are following in the steps of My Son Jesus will forsake their own ways to walk in His way. Consider that Jesus did not live the “fat life.” He chose the way of humility and did not seek to get what He wanted. He did what I wanted of Him, even to the laying of His life down on the cross.

While to the world He appeared to be a failure and a fool, He has been made both Lord and Christ. He is indeed the Messiah to all who desire to be redeemed, and He will forgive those who come to Him in true repentance for their sins. He is the real representative of the love that surpasses human understanding. He is the author and the finisher, the beginning and the end.

How did He achieve such rewards given by and through Me? He did not hold back what belonged to Me for Himself. He always gave the glory and recognition to Me. He did not establish His best life now. He came and gave Himself in complete abandonment to the assignment, the mission I had given Him to do on earth. He left a pattern of the higher life, the higher love for all who will want His way, which is pure and holy. He did not take the fat for Himself. He gave in obedience all to Me and was pleasing to Me.