Power to Cast Out Demons

I speak to you this day and I say that as true believers in My Son Jesus, you have been given the power to cast out demons and take dominion over their control. This is because Jesus Christ is the Name that is above every name, and when you are living under His power and authority, then you have the right to use His Name to cast out demons.

Multitudes of those who are claiming to be Mine are not using the power that has been left as their inheritance, because they are afraid of demons, which is stupid, because to fear demons is not acceptable to Me when they have been given the power to drive out such vile forces of evil and wickedness. These believers do not want to believe that they could have demons, nor do they want to take the authority over demonic powers and drive them out of others who are miserably tormented by those spirits and held in captivity.

In their self-righteous appraisal, they are failing to set the captives free and to be free themselves. They would rather be in bondage to demon powers and see others likewise bound than to use what they have been given. So, they spend their days as pretenders, while they are daily wearing masks to cover the demonic attitudes and thoughts that torment them continually. Do not imagine that you are meant to live there. You are not. I intend that you would live up to the example that Jesus gave for His disciples to follow likewise.

Unfortunately, much of what passes off as normal is literally abnormal, and believers are caught in the traps that the devil and his cohorts have set for them. How much easier it would be if demons were cast out of those professing to be Mine rather than them carrying about such deviate and perverse behaviors. I do not want My people to be driven by abnormal behaviors into committing abominations before Me. It is My intention that My people would walk uprightly in Me and be kept each day by following the instructions and directions of My Spirit.

Do not be hasty to believe every voice. Try or test the spirits to see if they be of Me by asking them who is Lord. Those who reject Jesus as the Christ are not of Me and are demonic spirits posing falsely to be what they are not. It is truly a great privilege to have the power to cast out demons and to operate in the same. By deliverance multitudes are set free from tormenting and vexing spirits that drive them into sins and transgressions against Me.

Be thankful that you do not have to be hosting demonic spirits and living in the abominations and debaucheries that they want you to commit. Instead, be thankful that it is Me the Living God who has given to you the opportunity to walk uprightly and to be kept each day in the way that is eternal and leads to your heavenly abode.

Far too many people are lazy spiritually and they do not make efforts to do as they should regarding their Christian responsibilities. They shortcut Me and give themselves to the world’s ways instead. I do not want you to be found shorting Me and giving yourselves over to the various ways of the world and imagining that the world has better ways.

Remember that the devil is the ruler over the world, and to imagine that he has better ways is to be deceived. Instead of lending ear to the demon rantings, My people are intended to cast out, drive out demons, and refuse to listen to them. When My people do as they have been shown through the example of Jesus Christ, then they will know that the world is full of pretension and falsehood, vanity and vexation.

Be thankful even this day that you have the Holy Spirit within you to expose the evil spirits that would try to beset you and take you far from the light and into the darkness that is full of demons and death. There is a constant war that is transpiring in the spirit dimension, and as you are adhering to the Spirit’s guidance, you will be winners and not losers.

It is not My intention that believers would live under torment and vexation, nor partake of abomination. It is intended that as you cleave to Me, then are you able to see that I am the One who is ever present to give you the newness of life. This means essentially that you are not meant to allow the spirits of your former lifestyle to vex you and cause you distress. Be glad that through Me the truth is made evident to you, and you do not need to be ashamed, nor do you need to go down in the abyss of the hopelessly lost.

More and more in these days, because Christians are not willing to operate in the deliverance ministry and cast out demons, people are joining the ranks of the hopeless and homeless multitudes who are highly demonized. If those who are using My Son’s Name and claiming to be His would literally follow His example, they would cast out demons and be glad to see the captives set free from the demons who had them bound. Be thankful this day that you are not called to be partakers of demonic control. It is My Spirit that is given to give you the commands that you are compelled to obey and be in right standing with Me.

Do not by any means let the demons convince you that their enticements are interesting to you, because if you do, then you are easily seduced into sin and taken far from Me. Be glad this day that I do not want you in sin. I want you in My righteousness and My standard, able to cast out demons.