When the Demons Rage, Be Brave

I speak to you this day and I say: Do not be surprised that the wicked are encamped against you to destroy your lives. I do not call you to be subject to them. I call you to be subject to Me, for I am your Master and your Lord. When you hear how the demon powers rage against you, do not be fearful. Rather, be brave, for I will give you the courage that you have need of.

It is My intention for you to walk in the way that is courageous because you are trusting in Me as the One who keeps you safe though an army of deadly demons is arrayed against you. Know that as you are depending on Me, you will be given My light upon the path, and you will be shown that I am the One who through My Spirit guides you forth.

When you cry out to Me in your hour of need, I say that I hear you, and you don’t need to be afraid of the plots of the wicked. Although the wicked believe that they remain forever, they do not! It is Me the Living God who is well able to reduce them to ashes with one stroke of My hand of wrath, fury and indignation against them.

You are not intended at this time to run from the threats of the wicked. You are to realize that they are the embodiment of demon spirits and that they have no control over you, for I am the One who keeps you each day. Do not be discouraged. Be brave and able to withstand the attacks of liars who are wanting you dead. Remember I do not want you dead. I want you to remain living and very much alive in the Spirit, inasmuch as you are called to be My Spirit people.

Be glad that you do not have to go down under the corruption that is ever present in these times. When it is Me that you look to in faith, you will be made strong, for I do not want you to be encased in fear. I want you to be brought forth in the power of My presence and ever aware that I am with you. The more that you literally strive to be full of faith, the more that you will understand how important it is that you do not give way to fear. Why not continually feed faith to your mind and starve the fears and doubts to death? You will find that when you give Me thanks and praise, you are uplifted and enabled to be brave.

There is no disputing that the wicked are always plotting against the just to destroy them and cause them to die and be damned. The devil’s agenda has never changed, and his agents are always at work to devastate those that I love and who love Me in return.

Be thankful that I do rescue you when the wicked have encamped against you and you can depend upon Me. Therefore, do not be entangled in the webs of fear that they would try to spin around you. Realize likewise that when I sent My people into the Land of Canaan, that there were demons who had been encamped there for ages, and those demons wanted My people out of their territory.

However, it is Me the Living God who sent My servant Joshua in to lead the people forward, as he was admonished to be brave, strong, and very courageous, for it was Me the Living God who sent him forth. I do not ask My people nor My leaders to go forth without My supply unto them. Realize that to be brave, strong, and courageous are qualities that I can supply you in abundance as you obey Me and do My will.

In these times of ever increasing wickedness, realize that I have intended that you would come forth knowing of a surety that it is Me who is the One who is always well able. I will not withhold any good thing from you as you walk uprightly in Me and keep your faith and your confidence in Me. I do not want you to be intimidated by the wiles of the wicked. I want you to be directed by My Spirit.

This day be serving in enthusiasm and energy, knowing that it is Me the Living God who recognizes you as My true ones, and I do not want you to be afraid. Be glad this day that I am the One who has given to you the privilege to go onward and to know that you can be knowing the power of My presence each day and uplifted to partake of the glories of who I am. Therefore, do not be weary in well doing. Just continue to partake of Me each day and I will not withhold any blessing from you. While the enemies are attempting to curse you, I am well able to return their curses to them. At the same time, I will show that I am the One who blesses you and gives you the direction that you have need of.

When you are attentive unto Me, you are not stopped, for I will be ever with you, and I am more than able to give to you exactly what you need. Do not by any means be worn down by the wicked, for I am your continuing source, and I am your refuge. Realize that yes, you must endure hardness and not give way to the defeatist attitude of self-pity. Many abandon Me under the pressure of demon attacks and the inward attack of self-pity.

You are not meant to be pitying yourselves. You are meant to be resisting and refuting the wicked forces that want to see you damned forever. As the ones who are attentive to Me, you will find great and tender mercies are given to you daily and that you are enabled to march onward in the battle. Know that as you keep your focus central and stayed upon Me, I will cause you to conquer enemies who are by sight much stronger than you. However, with Me on your side, you will see such enemies defeated and destroyed.