World’s Depiction of Love Is Delusional

I speak to you this day and I say: Be thankful that you do not need to be deluded by the world’s depiction of love. Many of the world give special attention to this day as though it represented love. However, the only true representation of love is found through the sacrifice of My Son Jesus, who loved you enough to give His very life that you could be redeemed from the penalty of your sins.

So many people find disappointment and despair in the world’s depiction of love, then they become depressed, bitter, and cynical. All of these negative emotions that come forth are their way of displaying their hurt in their attempts at love. Some people become so depressed that they try to pretend that they are men when they are women, or they pretend that they are women when they are men. All of this does not alleviate the mixed emotions that are within them. In fact, they are simply taken down the road to more heart break and sorrow.

It is not My intention that people would live in such a mindset and be overwhelmed in the same. It is My intention that people would come to Me in their need, cry out and know that they are being heard. When people see the absolute emptiness and futility that their efforts have brought them, then they are enabled to be uplifted and rejoicing each day that I give to them exactly what they need in every circumstance and situation.

Therefore, let it be known within your heart that I do not intend for anyone who is hurting to lock up their hurts and sorrows and grow bitter in the same. It is My intention that those who are needy would cry out to Me and allow My comfort to come to them, that they could indeed be filled with the joy that only I can bring. How much better it is to let joy fill your hearts rather than bitterness or sadness.

Be thankful even this day that I am the One who you can bring your troubles to, and by the same find that My Spirit is with you to comfort you and guide you forth by a plain path. You are not intended to be sorrowful. You are intended to be rejoicing because you are redeemed and do not walk through the lonesome sorrows of life alone. I am near to those who are near to Me, and I have brought to them great peace through the indwelling of My Holy Spirit.

Do not try to be so independent that you will not allow Me to heal your hurts. Then try to carry them around and become more infected by such sorrows. Remember it is Me the Living God who does give forth mercy, healing, and lovingkindness to those who are dependent on Me and more than glad to come forth in the way that is intended. In these times, far too many have abandoned the way of righteousness to take up the way of sinfulness and for the same they receive sorrows multiplied.

There are many who have been hurt in life by those they thought loved them. When deserted or disillusioned, they then depart from the upright way to go wild in sin. In the sin fling, they find that the end of the same is bitterly painful, and emptiness is their reward.

I do not want you to dwell in emptiness and pain. I want you to dwell in the power of My presence and to pay heed to the Holy Spirit. The more that you pay heed to the commands of My Spirit, the more that you will see how foolish it is to put all of yourselves into carnal love then end up empty. The reality of true love is found through Me. That is not to say that people cannot have good relationships. They can. However, in this wicked world, the ones that are the most lasting are the ones that are built with Me as the central focus and the staying power.

Do not attempt to build the house that remains standing on shifting sands. Rather build the house you desire on the ground that remains. As you are building on the solid foundation that I have intended, you will find that you are able to establish relationships that will remain lasting. As My people, you will find that My Spirit guides you into goodness, as you pay heed to Me and come forth in My way. Thank Me even this day that you are directed, corrected, and instructed by My Spirit.

As you are adhering to My directions, so are you given the infinite mercies that I delight to give you. Instead of becoming bitter and empty, disappointed and disillusioned, you can become encouraged, enlightened, and involved in the greatest experience of love that has ever been made available to humankind. The more you abandon yourselves to Me, the more that your hearts will burn with desire to please Me and to come forth knowing that My way is the perfect and My purpose is the One you are meant to be guided in.

Be thankful to know that I do not neglect you in any way whatsoever. Instead, I am attentive to you. Those who are true to Me will have the privilege of involving themselves in the higher love that I give to them, and they will know that I do not withhold anything from them as they are walking in the way that is upright and perfect before Me.

Therefore, be attentive to all that I desire and require of you, and so shall you be enabled to partake of the glorious presence of who I am. Be knowing that it is Me who does uplift, guide, and direct you by a plain path and give you tender and enduring mercies. You will not be disappointed in love if you choose to love Me first and obey Me with all your hearts and souls.