Death’s Desire to Devour

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be aware that the demonic spirits of death have been unleashed in these times because of the refusal of people to want life. Because so many people have chosen to idolize and deify death, death is rampaging through out the land, devouring and destroying multitudes in the process. There are multitudes who are meeting with untimely death because they have been grabbed by the spirits of death.

I do not intend that My people would turn to the spirits of death and embrace such, for these spirits are wicked and are sent by the devil to kill, steal, and destroy. I absolutely do not intend for you to be swallowed up in such a cesspool. I intend for you to be uplifted, guided, and directed forth by a plain path and given the hope that I alone can provide and give to you each day. Be keeping in mind that it is Me the Living God who is your source and the One you are meant to look to.

My kingdom is light, life, and love. It is the kingdom that remains and is eternal. I do not intend that those who are professing to be Mine would in any way worship the dead or the spirits of the same. The reality is that such spirits are demonic and are merely working to achieve the devil’s agenda.

Stop and consider that when you became born again of incorruptible seed, you were by the same uplifted into the eternal kingdom. The eternal kingdom remains and is far above all of the kingdoms of darkness and death that are in the world. As My people, you are meant to embrace the life, the light, and the love that you have received freely through Jesus Christ, My Son.

This means in essence that you do not waste yourselves on the vanities and the vexations of this world by pursuing darkness and being devoured by the same. It is My intention that you would be uplifted and guided forth by a plain path, and directed in the purpose that I do intend for you to walk in. As you are in agreement with My Spirit’s commands and guidance for your lives, then you will understand that you are intended for life, not death. It is a shame when My people somehow imagine that they can partake of the “death culture” and be found pleasing Me. Whenever My people turn aside from Me, they become a grief to Me, and I find no pleasure in them.

There are multitudes who determine their destiny by the choices they make on a daily basis and by the attitudes they display. Many are found in rebellion, which is a reflection of their desire for death. When you see the ones who abandon themselves to attitudes of rebellion against Me, My Son, and the Holy Spirit, they are abandoning themselves to fulfill the devil’s agenda. In such dispositions, they meet many times with premature death and are hurled into hell.

In the bitter end, they find that the rebellion they gave themselves to is the very rebellion that caused them to be devoured and destroyed. Be informed that I am not calling you to be devoured and destroyed. I am calling you to be in the attitude of gratitude and to pursue life. Be thankful that in these times when depression and despair are widespread, I am not calling you to be partakers of the same. I am intending that you would be partakers of My kingdom and the power contained therein. Be glad this day that you do not have to be dragged down into the despair that is common. Rather, you can be uplifted in the joy and the power that comes to the obedient.

It is a good thing to know that through Me you are enabled to be strengthened and blessed continually, for I do not withhold any good thing from you. When it is through Me that you are being guided, then you are shown My light on the path, and you are given mercies that only I can bring. Do not by any means turn to any other god, any other master. Turn to Me with complete abandonment to what it is that I have for you to partake of. Know of a surety that My way is the way that is intended for you, that you can know the blessedness of living for Me.

Realize that those who have so quickly yielded to the “death culture” have been duped by demons and will pay for their choosing to be losing. As I have said, many of them will be taken in deep depression, despair, then driven to death prematurely, for they have chosen amiss. You are not intended to flirt with depression, despair, and death and assume that those things will not collect.

Keep yourselves alert to the fact that the “death culture” is of demonic motivation and opposes salvation. Those who are found deluded by the death culture, which includes special holidays and special “saints,” know that their end will be bitter, for they have allowed themselves to ingest poison and the same will prove to be their destruction.

My true people will be given the power to discern between good and evil because they are choosing that which I do give unto them, and by the same they will be shown the utter ugliness of the demon powers that are evil. While there are demon powers posing to be “saints,” consider what they are actually doing. They are inviting people to get wrapped up in their superstitions, and by the same be taken into captivity and bondage that will not only destroy their lives but cause their souls to be damned forever.

Be thankful that you do not have to be partakers of death’s desire. Rather, you can desire life and gain the same through your hope in Me as you serve in gratitude.