War Watchers Bring Fear to Themselves

I speak unto you this day and I say that there are multitudes who are constantly waiting and watching for war as though it were some new thing. As long as men have been in existence after the fall, war has proven to be the inevitable consequence of their sins and transgressions against Me. I never called people to be at war and yet they are, because of their own carnality and pride that will not bend.

There are many who are claiming to be Mine, yet they are living continually in fear of war because that is where they have chosen to occupy themselves. They do not look to Me, nor do they feed of Me. Rather they are feeding off of the world’s media and partaking of the fear that is continually being poured out upon the multitudes.

I do not want My people to be as the heathen who are controlled by fear. My people are meant to be an example to the heathen as they are not living in fear because of the conditions of the world at this time. When it is Me that you are looking unto, you will see that I always make the way for you and that I give to you exactly what you need in each situation. Therefore, while the world’s war watchers are in full-fledged fear and spreading the same, know that I will keep you as you are stayed on Me as the author and the finisher of your faith. Be thankful unto Me that I am the One who has intended that you would be at peace with Me and coming forth knowing that I am who I say that I am.

Because I am the God who reigns supreme, there is nothing for My people to be terrorized by, in the sense that they guard themselves against the unruly fears that want to take control of their lives. When you are serving Me in gladness and rejoicing, then you will know and understand how important it is to keep on believing and trusting in Me, for I am the Rock of refuge.

In these times many are gripped by fear from morning till night, and even in the middle of the night. Yet, they do not turn to Me, nor do they seek their refuge in Me. They daily feed of fear then wonder why they have terrorizing dreams of torment and anguish.

You are not intended to listen to the proud leaders of nations who are making their defiant proclamations of who they will utterly destroy when they use their invincible weapons of war. However, they fail to realize that I can easily cause their great weapons to malfunction, and their boastful claims will fizzle and fall to the ground.

How utterly defiant and ridiculously proud leaders have become in these times, refusing to pray for and seek peace. They would rather destroy the whole world than be defied by anyone. Consider how drunk and intoxicated they have become. They are literally mad and growing more so by the day because they are staggering drunk on pride and their own imaginations as to how great they are. They are absolutely not great. They are fools who will be destroyed in their folly.

All of the harm such ones have done and threaten to do to the whole world can be turned around and dumped on them, and then they will have no way of repentance or refuge from the same. Remember, it is Me the Living God who can easily remove from them My mercies and cause them to be grossly overwhelmed, overtaken, and devastated.

Do not join the ranks of the trembling war watchers and lose your confidence in Me. To resort to trusting in the arm of flesh will put you under the curse and there you will remain. How stupid it is for men and women to think that by watching what the world’s war watchers predict will keep them safe. It will not. All that they do is invite fear into their lives in greater and greater magnitude, until they are controlled by the fears that the devil has used to control since the original sin.

If you consider how stupid it is to be indulging in fear, do not be eating of that which will devour you and destroy your faith. Those who are war watchers are literally caught up in the trap of terror that the devil and his demons have set for them. Be thankful that I do not call you to be sorely vexed, tormented, and mentally and physically tortured by fear.

As My true people, you are meant to concern yourselves with My desire and My intention for you. You are not called to be collected by the demon forces into the caves of fear. You are meant to be uplifted, rejoicing, and giving thanks each day that I am the One who has purposed you to live, to abide, and to walk in the way of strong confidence in Me.

When I told My servant Joshua to be strong and courageous, I told him that because he would face enemies who would prove to be incredibly strong and powerful. Such enemies were inhabitants of the very land that I had sent him in to conquer. If he had not paid heed to Me, he would have collapsed in crippling fear because his heart would have grown weak and his vision dim. This is why I do not want My people to walk in fear. I want them to walk in faith.

It is intended that My people would look at their circumstances and go forth in courage and not cower because of what is ahead of them. When it is Me that My people allow themselves to be filled with, it is Me who shows them how much I am able to do for them and how intensely I love them. Be glad this day that you do not need to be fear-filled war watchers. Thank Me that you can watch for Me and wait upon the Spirit directives and be kept!