Beware of Spiritual Suicide and Christ-Seed Abortion

I speak to you this day and I say: When you see those who have given up their lives in Me to take up other ways, other masters, other lovers, know that they will never find contentment nor satisfaction in the same. This is because they have quit the race and consequently they can never find what I have intended for them to partake of. It has been My intention and still is, that those who are Mine would continue steadfast, not turning aside.

Those who have put their hands to the plow then look back are not worthy. Know of a surety that I give to My people all that they have need of to continue in Me. Those who turn aside and return to carnality are literally committing spiritual suicide inasmuch as they are choosing to sow unto the flesh rather than to the Spirit.

By their choices they commit spiritual suicide, for they cut themselves off from the very flow that would lead and guide them into all truth. As they make such choices, they become estranged from Me and no longer do they have My covering and My protection over them. In such a condition, they become vulnerable to every unclean spirit that would desire to take control of them and render them helpless and useless for the kingdom that is eternal.

Because of their own choices against Me, they cut themselves off from My mercies and the continual direction of My Holy Spirit in their lives. Know that I do not find pleasure in those who trample on the blood of My Son to return to the filth of the world. In fact, not only do they commit spiritual suicide. They actually are guilty before Me of putting to death the Seed of Christ that is within them.

When they stand before Me, in addition to their personal sins, they will be found guilty of spiritual suicide and Christ-Seed abortion. Do you think that I am pleased with such betrayers? I say that I am not, for I do consider those who believe that they can turn from the light and return to darkness and that they are all right, as utter fools, for they are twice dead. I find no pleasure in those who have tasted of the glories of My kingdom then turned to the utter darkness that is the way of the damned. Such ones are magnified hypocrites before Me, and they will pay for their foolish choices.

If you wonder why there are so many who are hopeless wanderers in these times, finding no place of contentment or satisfaction, it is because they have chosen to follow after delusion and confusion. They have turned aside from the way of clarity and contentment and gone after folly and fabrication.

Know that because of such arrogant choices and decisions for deceit, they are literally choosing to follow the devil and his demons rather than My Holy Spirit that guides into all truth. Is there any doubt that they become locked in the demonic prison houses that they have chosen? Of course, they are imprisoned and chained to the very sins that Jesus died to free them of. So, they live out their days, guilty of spiritual suicide and Christ-Seed abortion. They are a shame to Me and are found in the way of transgressors, and that way is very hard.

I do not want My people to lose the contentment that comes to them as they continue in Me. Rather, I desire that My people would know and understand that they are accountable for their choices. Each day, those who are Mine must make the choices for life in Me. Unfortunately, many get eyes full of adultery, become restless by their mistrust of Me and their lust for the world. Then they are found absent from those who love Me and serve Me. This is because they have chosen the wickedness of the world and the insanity of the same above the purity and the sanity of My kingdom.

Be aware that I the Living God do see the choices of all people, and I know the ones who are Mine and the ones who have chosen the devil. Those who have made the choices for the devil have chosen for death and will pay in this life and in the life to come. They will find that discontentment is their lot, and nothing they considered to be precious will ever satisfy them.

Realize that as a consequence of their abominable practices, they will be kept in the destitution of soul that results in great sorrow and sadness. Many of such fools drag through their lives as victims of addiction, depression, and hopeless despair. They get locked into pride and stubbornly refuse any call to repentance as though the same were poison.

However, their rejection of repentance is because they themselves have ingested the demonic poison and therefore their outlook is twisted and their futures are hopeless. Be glad this day that you are not of such a company, as you continue to choose Me, for it is Me the living God who through the Holy Spirit feeds you with the purity of My way. As you serve in the attitude of gratitude, you will clearly understand that you are not subject to the ugliness of demonic control and are not to accept that covering.

The devil hates those who stay true to Me. However, do not fear His tactics. Refuse the same and continue committed unto Me. As you resist the devil and submit yourselves unto Me, the devil will flee from you because he finds no fleshly lusts to feed off of. Realize that the enemies are literally parasites, and you are not meant to be their hosts. You are meant to keep the vows and commitments you have made to Me and stay true. Know of a surety that I do not intend your cup to be spiritual suicide and Christ-Seed abortion. Your cup is contentment and clarity, as you are continuing in Me!