God Is Grieved by False Prophets

I speak unto you this day and I say that My heart is grieved by the false prophets who speak lies and delusional deceptions. By the same they lead My people into sin and cause them to commit abominations and then become destined to be damned. Be aware that such messengers as these will be punished for their lying deviations and their self-centered lives. I am very concerned when I see My lambs and My sheep led astray because they believe the fabricated tales fed to them by false prophets.

It has never been My intention that My people would follow after liars and by the same be found in the ditch of despair, from which they cannot extract themselves. Therefore, know that I will not withhold My wrath, fury and indignation from the ones who have chosen deception and love it so. Realize that when you see My wrath revealed against such ones, they deserve exactly what they get for their transgressions and violations of Me.

I do not want you to go in the way of the damned and be swallowed up in sin. Rather, I want you to follow My true prophets and be brought forth in the newness of life that is intended for you to walk and live in.

When you hear of the same old stories being spouted by those who are full of deceit, realize that you are not meant to get caught up in their lies. You are intended to follow the truth, as is given by and through My true prophets, who are sent by Me and are filled with My Holy Spirit. So many have gone a whoring after the delusions that are so common among men, and because of that, they are swept up in the waves of the sea of iniquity and they only wax bolder and bolder in the sins they are guilty of.

Look at the intensity of the sins being committed in these times, as people have been shown the example of the money grabbing false prophets as the depiction of My kingdom. Because they have not seen the revelation of truth as given by My true prophets, they have easily dismissed truth by pointing to the false prophets. However, no matter how much men and women think they get by with their sins because they see the hypocrisy of others, it is not true.

Realize that all men and women were created by Me and that I made all people with the capacity to worship Me and to be accepting the truth and walking in the same. I have never intended that My people would be as the foolish who have chosen to follow after lies and by the same be damned. When people are choosing daily what it is that they feed off of, consider this: Do they feed off of the lies or do they feed off of the truth that I give to them? I want you to realize that it is Me who is the author and the finisher of your faith, and I have intentions that it would be Me that you follow after and serve each day. I absolutely did not create My people to follow after the liar and his lying demons who motivate the false prophets.

Keep in mind each day what you choose to feed off of, and do not let yourselves get caught up in the anxious fears, the disputations and hatreds, the racism, sexism, and other ways that people exhibit their displeasure with one another. Rather, strive to live peaceably as much as you can, as messengers and recipients of the truth.

Yes, there are those of the world who will hate you because they hated Jesus and did not want to follow His directions as to how they should live, nor did they want to repent and turn from their proud rebellious ways. Many of those who were considered the religious leaders of His day were the same as the false prophets of today who declare lies and walk in deception, all the while making gain off of those who follow them. I do not by any means call you to adhere to their falsehoods. Rather, I call you to be aware that they have chosen death above life.

Be glad this day that you do not have to walk afar off from Me, but you can be glad that you can be near to Me. It is by their own choices that people are choosing to be in Me or choosing to be in the devil. When you are faithful to Me, I in turn will feed you with the bread of heaven and I will give to you the waters of life. You will not be kept from any good thing, for I delight to see you uplifted, guided, and brought forth in a plain path. Therefore, do not deviate and go after the stupidity that is so common among people in these times by eating of the table of death and drinking the polluted filthy waters of destruction.

Realize that those whose hearts and minds are under the covering of falsehoods will delight to see others in the same prison houses that they are in. The devil has not changed his agenda, which is to steal, kill, and destroy. Therefore, do not be quick to accept the vile and corrupt ways that people are living in daily. Instead, be quick to bow unto Me and accept the truth that is given and be rejoicing that I give to you the same.

You are intended to be guided by My Spirit and shown My light on the path. Therefore, do not be weary in well doing, as so many become and give up their lives in Me. Instead, realize that you are privileged to receive the truth and to declare the truth, for the same is what sets you and others free. I do intend for you to be walking on the freedom road each day, by the way that you live your lives and by what you choose to believe. When it is Me that you are trusting in, of course you are not taken in the way that is far from Me. You are directed, corrected, and kept in the way of truth.