Gifts of God Given to Glorify Him

I speak to you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who gives gifts unto men, women and children that through the manifestation of the same people would know and understand that I AM. However, due to the pride of human beings, far too many take the glory to themselves and imagine that they are something that they are not. Then, because they have taken My glory, I regard them as unworthy servants because they are glorifying themselves and literally stealing the glory that is meant to cause souls to seek after Me through My Son Jesus.

In the days of antiquity there were many times when I purposely manifested My glory through My servants the prophets to people to show them that I was the greatest God. I gave My prophets through the Holy Spirit the different manifestations of My gifts in order to reveal My glory to the heathen who had only the knowledge of the dead pagan gods who could do nothing for them. So often, when such peoples and leaders saw the glory that was shown forth through My prophets, they wanted to worship the prophets. However, My true prophets gave the glory to Me and explained to them that it was Me, the Most High God, who reigned and still reigns supreme.

Not all were impressed by Me, and some even sought to kill My prophets, for they were afraid that the people would cleave to Me and those who represented false gods would be forsaken. As My prophets were true to Me, they received whatever the consequences of their loyalty to Me brought them, whether it was goodness or evil from those who worshiped idols.

It has never been My intention that people would be found worshiping dead gods. Yet they did and do so by the billions, and their eyes are blinded and their ears stopped. They cannot see the light because of their blindness. They cannot hear the Word because of their deafness. All the while, then and now, some will hold so strongly to their religious traditions that although through My gifts miracles are performed, they refuse to accept the same as proof that I AM. Consequently, they remain in the darkness and hardness of the idolatry that they have chosen as their way of life.

Of course, I am not at all pleased with them and I find their whole ideologies to be absurd. Some are imagining themselves to be following ascended masters when in reality they are following liars and cheaters who are full of gross deception. Be thankful that I do not call you to gross deception. Rather, I call you to perception of who I am and where I am taking you by the power that is in you, by the Spirit who leads you.

Indeed, you are privileged to be enabled to come forth rejoicing that through the gift of the Holy Spirit your eyes are opened and your ears unstopped, so that you can partake of the abundance of mercies that I alone do give to you in great abundance each day. Desire every day to be filled by My Spirit and to be directed by the same, for it is My intention to show forth how much I am loving you, and I am giving to you exactly what you need to be ever kept and uplifted in the power of My presence.

When it is Me that you are looking to, you will see that I realistically bring you forth and uplift you in the purpose that I provide, because I am the One who is indeed well able. Those who have tasted of the treasures of My kingdom and then turn back to the world are fools, for they will receive the greater condemnation.

I do not want you to be condemned. I want you to be uplifted and given My light, My love and My life. Do not believe those who depart from Me and then act as though they have found happiness. They have not. They will find miseries abundant because they have departed from Me, made a mockery of My gifts and proven to be dumb.

Be thankful this day that you can be receiving the input that will cause you to be witnesses for Me in every circumstance where My Spirit leads you. This is because many will be shown how wondrous the miracles that I give are and that the same are not the works of men and women. Be thankful this day that as you are being guided by My Spirit so will you be enabled to operate in the gifts that show My powers to be real and far above what men can do. Consider how privileged you are to continue to operate in the power of My Spirit and be uplifted and enabled to see souls turned to Me in awe because of the powers and the mercies that are given.

The gifts are very important because I have intended those gifts for My people to be enabled to see how greatly people are moved by the manifestations of the same. Know that in the times coming multitudes will be turned to Me because they will see the power, the signs, and the wonders that are made evident to them as My messengers declare My kingdom. Be glad that you do not need to be ashamed of the power that is found in and through the gifts that I have given to be used. Rather, stir up the gifts that are within you and do not be ashamed to let the same flow forth. It is a good thing to know that I am the One who is ever present when the manifestations are made evident.

Be rejoicing that you can partake of that which has been given to you with thanksgiving because you have the gifts resident in you. You are meant to use those gifts to the utmost because they are My tremendous blessings and I do not withhold them from you. Be thankful for the blessings of the gifts.