Destined to Death and Damnation

I speak unto you this day and I say that I am not mocked, and when those who are claiming to be Mine go a whoring from Me, they will not be left unpunished. This is because they have through their deeds proven to be unworthy of Me and have gone after other gods, other lovers, all to their own despair and devastation. While they participate in the practices that I have forbidden and think that they are still in favor with Me, they deceive themselves. However, I am not deceived, for I know their deeds, their wickedness, and their transgressions, and I am not at all pleased with them!

In My justice, I vindicate Myself on them, for they are making a mockery of Me by their wanton and careless behaviors that are wrong in My sight and give forth the depiction that My kingdom is one of debauchery and defilement. Be aware that such behaviors as they manifest are ugly before Me and are not acceptable in any way whatsoever.

That is not to say that all are involved in such ways of behavior, for there are those of My people who are faithful and true to Me, and such a remnant will be and is being spared by Me. Be glad that you can be in the remnant as you stay true to Me and do as I ask of you. Be glad that you do not have to participate in the antics of foolery and then wonder why you are miserable. I do not intend that My people would be false representatives of My kingdom. I intend that they would be true to Me and the standard that I give to them to walk by. Be glad even now that you do not need to be as those who are a shame to Me and a disgrace to My Name.

Know that there are those who are destined to death and damnation by their choices, their behaviors, and their mockery of Me. When I say that I am not mocked, that is exactly what I mean, that I do not want anyone to imagine that they can mock Me and get by. Those who are mocking Me are fools, for their behaviors show them up to be the utter fools that they are, and I absolutely find no pleasure in their antics of misbehavior and vile conduct.

Inasmuch as I have declared it, I AM NOT MOCKED, and I will mock the ones who have mocked Me. Therefore, do not think that those who are cheating on Me, that is, declaring they love Me while they live in lies, are getting by with the same. They are not, and yes, they will pay for their play, for I am sorely grieved and angered by their carnal corruption, which they proudly exhibit before all. They are using My Name in vain, for they are pursuing vanity and the lust of the flesh.

Therefore, be thankful that you do not need to be partaking of the uncleanness that is exhibited by fools. Rather, you can walk on the Highway of Holiness and conduct your behavior according to the righteousness that is My standard. My people are meant to exhibit to the world’s people that there is a better way, the higher way. This is so that the ones who are trapped in sin and the ugliness of the same will have an example of the kingdom that I intend for those will believe upon Jesus as their Savior.

I am at this time reaching out to peoples who have never even heard of Me, nor have they known My way, and they are responding to the call of My Spirit to COME. While the wayward segment of My own people refuse My Spirit’s pleading with them to repent, strangers are eagerly coming forth to partake of the Living Waters and the Living Bread that I supply to those who are hungering and thirsty. Know that I am very receptive to those who are willing to obey the commands of My Spirit and come forth knowing that they are being fed LIFE! How much better it is to feed the hungry than to listen to the complaints of those whose hearts are so far from Me.

Know that it is My desire for people to hunger and thirst for Me and to be uplifted in the way that I intend for them. Do not be weary in well doing. Rather, realize how important it is that you continue to look to Me and know that I am just. Do not side with the rebels whose hearts are far from Me. Instead, be siding with Me and knowing that I do not judge unjustly. I know the sins that are being committed by the ones who think that they get by with their sins. There is none who gets by, and the mockers who have known Me then turned to other gods and gone a whoring are condemned by the choices they have made against Me.

When My Spirit reveals to you the hardness of people’s hearts and the brutality with which they behave towards Me, know that they will pay for that which they have chosen. I do not want you to be a part of their darkness and sin. I want you to adhere to Me and know that I will keep you always. There are multitudes who destined themselves to death and damnation, who are in hell right now, because they are the ones who were so far from what I intended for them because of their choices. Do not by any means choose for the ugliness of sin. Choose for Me and I will be ever present with you to guide you forth by a plain path.

Be rejoicing this day that it is Me that you are serving and not the dead gods that cause men, women, and children to live in darkness, fear, and destruction. Be thankful that I do not withhold nor withdraw Myself from you when you are walking uprightly. Instead, you are given My Holy Spirit to be with you and I do not cease to show you how much I love and appreciate you when you prove to be faithful and true to Me. Thank Me that it is Me that you are serving each day, giving praise and rejoicing.