Nuclear Kingdom

Know of a reality that you are living in a time when nations are pitted against each other in rage, hatred, violence and war. Wars and rumors of wars are exploding more and more, as men have departed from My way and gone in the way of fools. I do not want My people to be a part of their nonsense, for they are citizens of the higher kingdom.

At this time, multitudes are losing their lives because of the animosity and the pride that is ever present among fallen humanity. The fear peddlers of the media are continually bombarding people with the terrible tales of what is happening and what is coming. People have deviated and gone after those things that are delusional and are far from what I had intended for them. Depression is widespread and death is the solution that is offered by the devil and his demon forces.

Every day, more and more bad news is being spewed out, as people are in continual anxiety and fear as the threat of the Big War is present and no rest is available to those who are subject. The advancements that people have made and their inventions which have been celebrated and applauded are bringing them to the very brink of their own destruction. National leaders are clashing, and tempers are raging, as all are proud and unwilling to moderate their words, their behaviors, and their threats that they breathe out against one another day after day.

Consequently, the people of this present world are fearful, anxious, and frustrated as they are shown the graphic horrors of the wars that are instigated by the pride of arrogant and careless leaders. How utterly foolish and corrupt people have become in their attempts to play God! They are so blinded by pride and the lust for power that they are totally unable to do anything except instigate and agitate, causing much disturbance and disruption to the daily lives of those who are merely trying to exist.

It is truly sorrowful when you see what men and women, when given power and authority, do against each other to gain nothing in the end, if you consider that the rule of men does not last forever, for it is impossible. However, when leaders are drunk on pride and demonically inspired, they see themselves as invincible and remaining forever. They are stupid, for their outlook is selfish and centered on their own despotic personalities and ambitions. They seek to entice and engage others in their schemes and plots for world rule.

Consider how ridiculous that is, for all it takes is a look into the historical records of nations to see that leaders and nations do not last forever, but they are brought down by My power and hand. Remember, the nations are but a drop in the bucket before Me and I am in control.

Oftentimes, when you see the rise to power of leaders who are evidently doing evil, yet the people do not protest the same, it is because they too are doing evil and imagining that they get by. Know that there is none who gets by on Me, and when you see those who are deceiving themselves in all manner of delusions, know they will in the end face the reality of what they have sown.

Remember, it is Me who raises nations up and brings nations down. Therefore, when you hear the reports of the tyrants who believe falsely that they are to remain forever in their overt wickedness, know that it is not true. The reality is that they will be brought down and devastated, for I shall bring it to pass by the power that is resident in Me.

I do not want you as My people to believe that you must be under the power of the wicked, who are corrupting and causing death and damnation to multitudes. Those of you who truly love Me are meant to be under My lordship and to follow the directives of the Holy Spirit in the daily guidance that is given by and through the Spirit.

Inasmuch as My people are under Me, they are a part of the Nuclear kingdom over which I reign as supreme. When My people are involved in My kingdom rather than the kingdoms of this world, they are being led in clarity and purpose. They are not as the ones who are hopeless and fearful being led by demons that delight in tormenting those who follow their devilish directives.

Consider that while men, women, and children are trembling under the fears of what evil men can do with their threats of nuclear war, that it is Me the Living God who can destroy such tyrants by withdrawing the breath of life from them even instantly. I do not want you to be destroyed, nor led about in the fear by which the wicked take control of the multitudes. I desire you to be led about by My Spirit and to know the power of the same, that you are not taken down in the clutches of darkness that are abundant in these times.

Be glad that it is Me that you are serving and not the madness of media reports that you are not caught in the nets of the fear mongers. As you are serving each day in the attitude of gratitude, you will be enabled to partake of all that I give to you with gladness. If you really ponder the fact that I am the Creator and I give you My promise, why should I lie to you about anything?

Know that you can trust, believe, and hope always in Me, for I bear rule over you at all times and direct you in a plain path each day. When you have purposed yourselves for My kingdom, you are kept alive in the purpose, the plan, and the intention that I have for all who are in My Nuclear kingdom!