Power in Praising God

I speak to you this day and I would say of a surety that I inhabit the praises of My people. That is, I am with them to a greater degree when they are praising Me, because it is Me that they love and appreciate. I do not want My people to be murmuring and complaining and forever finding reasons to be in opposition to Me. When they are in such a shape, then they are far from Me and doing the things that are a grief to Me.

My people are created by Me and for Me. When they realize why they are created, then they are able to cooperate with Me and to keep themselves for My purposes and plans. Some, however, are not interested in why they were created, and they believe that they are equal with Me. However, in such assumptions, which are false, they are deceived, for they are believing the lies of their own carnality and not trusting Me.

I do not want My people to be looking to make flesh their arm, and that means that they are not meant to be trusting in their own powers above My power. When people are trusting themselves, they are trusting the fool. Remember that those who are esteeming themselves as higher than what they are, are believing in the lies of pride.

My true people will realize their own need for humility, and they will choose that way because they are loving Me and not themselves. I do not call you to be loving yourselves. I call you to be loving and praising Me, realizing your utter need of Me as your Maker, your Keeper, Your God, and your King. When you are serving Me in the attitude of gratitude, then your eyes and your minds are open to Me, because you are not undermining My authority over you. This is because you are not trusting in your own carnality. You are trusting in Me as your Maker, your Keeper, your God.

Be thankful this day that it is Me that you can look to in faith, in trust, and in confidence, because you understand that you are the created and I am the Creator, as those who were created by Me know they were created for Me and not for themselves. Therefore, be praising Me, because as you praise Me you will understand that I am good to you and that I will guide you forth by a plain path and direct your steps.

I have given to you My Holy Spirit to lead and guide you in the way of all truth. There is no way that mere carnal men and women can come into all truth through their carnality, because they cannot lead themselves there because they do not know all truth. Consequently, the wisdom of those who are considered wisest among men is foolish before Me, because they are making assumptions that are false and will only show them up to be fools.

As My people, be glad that you do not need to be shown up to be fools, but that you can walk humbly before Me and accept with gladness the guidance that you are given by and through My Holy Spirit. It is indeed a good thing to know that My Spirit is ever present. Know that as you are being guided by the Spirit, then you are found well pleasing to Me. It is truly a joy to Me when My people are cooperative with Me and not inwardly or outwardly contending with Me as though they knew more than they do.

The reality of this life is that those who are willing to bend the knee to Me are likewise the ones who will give Me true praise and draw close to Me because they are trusting My rule over them. I do not call you to be trusting in yourselves that you are the ultimate, for such a mindset is the drunken deception of pride.

My people are not meant to be drunk on pride, for the same is distortion and deception and will cause them many sorrows and much heartache. Why will you choose such a course when you are meant to be walking soberly, redeeming the time and being glad that I am your Maker and your Keeper? It is a good thing to recognize Me as the One that you are glad to submit yourselves unto, because you are trusting that I am the all-knowing God and that I reign supreme.

Truly it grieves Me when My people are wise in their own conceits to the extent that they are imagining that there are things that they know but they do not. The absolute reality of the situation is that I want My people to be enabled to look to Me as their sovereign and know that it is Me who cares for them. While the world at times wants to project a false compassion and love, the same wears out under the slightest pressure, and such proclamations of compassion and love quickly will dissipate and be no more.

Realize that My compassion and love are real, and they will not disappear under pressure from the forces of darkness. In fact, those who are truly following Me will find that when they are being pressured by the forces of darkness, they will actually be abundantly blessed when it is Me that they look to in faith and hope. Therefore, be glad to trust in Me, for I am indeed well able. Do not trust in yourselves nor in your understanding. Trust in Me, for I do not lie, nor do I deviate because of the workers of darkness.

My way is life, love, and light. As you are found in My way, so can you rejoice and be glad for the abundance of blessedness that I have for you and give to you each day. Why not be serving Me in gladness, giving praise unto Me? For I do not fail to provide for you. Likewise, you are enabled by the power of praise to overcome many obstacles that would otherwise seem impossible. Be of the mind that I am your Maker and give Me praise, being uplifted!