Do You Love God?

I speak unto you this day and I would ask you: What do you consider as your love for Me? There are many who like the fact that I love them, yet they do not consider that I want that love to be reciprocal, that is, I desire them to love Me in return. It is My desire that My people would cherish what I have done for them and by the same prove that it is Me that they love by their deeds, not just their words.

Do not be as the vain talkers who love to make a show before others as to how much they love Me, yet they are loving themselves more than Me. That is, they are choosing to walk in the way that I do not ordain, and they are thinking that by the same they can be elevated in the eyes of men. However, it is not men who they are meant to please. It is Me. Those who have chosen to be well spoken of by humankind cannot truly be pleasing to Me, because they will be double minded and therefore unstable.

As for those who are showing true love to Me as their Heavenly Father, they will be sons and daughters who can be trusted as I trusted My Son Jesus. He did not shy away from His mission, nor did He seek to gain glory to Himself. He was obedient in all points, and He loved Me even to the extent of laying His life down on the cross, that all peoples could be forgiven and restored to Me.

He was mistreated for His unwavering dedication to Me by the religious establishment who were only out for their own gain. They plotted to kill Him because He exposed their hypocrisy and revealed their utter foolishness in terms of eternity. He called them to repent, and they hated Him all the more because in their own eyes they were already perfect.

Over and over, they did those things that were a shame to Me. They proved how unworthy they were of His tender mercies that He so openly gave to them day after day in calling them to repentance by exposing their sins and their hypocritical behaviors. However, they did not accept His call nor His exposure, but rather they resented Him all the more and wanted only to shut Him up by whatever means became available to them.

Quite obviously, they had no love for Him as My Son, nor did they love Me in any measure. So, even though they claimed to be My messengers and representatives, they did not have any love for Me, My Son, or My people. They were the epitome of selfishness and greed, and their blatant rebellion was made evident, so that many of the people wanted Jesus to rule over them in mercy as opposed to the rule of the cruel religious oppressors they were under. Such were full of violence, murder, bloodshed, cruelty, adultery, and every evil they were capable of committing, while claiming to be Mine.

Be aware that these had NO RELATIONSHIP WITH ME. THEY ONLY HAD RELIGION. Literally, Jesus addressed them as the children of the devil because of the wickedness of their deeds. In such He found no pleasure and was grieved with their misconduct that did not stop or change in any way, except to increase in wickedness and corruption.

There are many in these times who are equal in the magnitude of evil that they commit in My Name, claiming to be My representatives, when they are really nothing but fools who are found in their folly. So many want to believe in liars and pretenders because then they do not have to face the truth regarding their own misconduct and lack of cooperation towards Me and what I require.

Sad to say, men and women who are in power often alter who and what I am in order to accommodate their own evil desires and lusts. In doing so, they present an image of Me that is not true. It is filled with pretension and hypocrisy, causing them much distress, because they have chosen the iniquity of the same above what I intended for them to walk by. Be thankful this day that you do not have to participate in such hypocrisies. Rather, you can participate in the truth and be proclaiming the same by the way that you live your lives and conduct your behavior towards others.

When you are doing such, you are a true representative of My kingdom and not the kingdom of darkness. You demonstrate your love to Me by the example that you put forth. Consider that I desire that My people would continue steadfast and persistent in the way that I provide and not deviating to take up the course of the demonic false religious pretenders.

In these times of big shows by so many who are living imaginary lives, I do not find pleasure in their antics nor in their pretensions. I desire to see people who love Me and live for Me in integrity. Therefore, do not be shaken in your display of love for Me because you have sought for other gods or even the god of self. Stay true, stay committed, stay obedient to Me, for I am with you always and will give to you the abundance of mercies that you have need of in every circumstance wherein you are guided by My Spirit.

Be glad even this day that you can continue steadfast and unmovable, because I will be with you always and I will keep you in the purpose and plan that I have for you, because you are Mine. When it is Me that you are looking unto, know that there is no good thing that I will withhold from you, and that I will know that your love is genuine because you are faithful. Yes, I want My people to show forth their love for Me because I want them to be truly committed to Me and coming forth in My way in fidelity.