God Hears the Cries of Those in Cycles of Sin

I speak to you this day and I say: It is Me the Living God who wants in this time to break the cycles of sin that hold generations in captivity. There are so many on this earth who are bound in slavery to sin and cannot break the cycles that have cursed generations. It is only through repentance and turning to My Son Jesus that the curses are broken that hold the generations in the vicious traps that they are in.

Inasmuch as such ones are trapped, some do not even perceive that there is a better way of life here on earth. They trudge through their days in misery and remain in such. Literally they are living under dread because they are being faced with despair and futility. All of this has come upon them in the endless cycle of sin because they are under curses from the sins of their ancestors.

It has never been My intention that people would live in the cycle of sin, for I did not create humankind for such misery, suffering, affliction and woe. However, the same is their cup day in and day out because of those things that have come upon them because of sin. Some people live in misery and madness, full of sadness and pain, never being uplifted nor freed, only to die in the agonies that beset the damned and be cast into hell forever.

How tragic it is to see what sin does to people and the devastation that it brings. There are few who escape the cycles of sin, and I am looking upon the captivity that holds them in their situations and circumstances. Because I am the God of mercy, I have heard the agonizing cries of those who are prisoners of sin and I feel deeply for them and desire to set them free from the pain they are in.

Because I do hear the cries of the needy, I will move by My Spirit to set the captives free and break the chains of the cycles of sin. This is so that men, women, and children can be set free and enabled to follow in the steps of My Son Jesus. It is He who will move as the Liberator of those who are bound, unable to free themselves.

It is the time to pray for such ones and to bear witness to them as the opportunities to do so are shown to you. I do not want My people to live only for themselves and not live for My purpose and desire to see souls liberated and enabled to be free to follow Jesus. There are far too many of those who are claiming to be Mine who are not willing to move out of their comfort zones and extend the hand to help those drowning in the filthy waters of the sea of iniquity. Such are not serving My desires. They are serving their own lusts and carnality.

However, there will be those who are Mine who will truly have their eyes and their ears opened by My Spirit to hear the cries of the needy and to reach out to the captives in tender mercies and lovingkindness. There will be captives who are so hardened by the cycles of sin that they will refuse all efforts to set them free. Because of that, they will be calloused and angry and treating others with the same cruelty that they have lived and still live in, due to the cycles of sin.

I do not intend for My messengers to be discouraged by such hard cases, because there are others who will be responding to the call to freedom and will be overjoyed to be set free. As I send forth My messengers, who are the ones who are willing and obedient, they will be strengthened to do what I desire of them and not quit because of the horrid things they will encounter. It is My intention that My people would be knowing beyond any shadow of a doubt that what I have called them to is where they will find their peace and the strength to keep steadfast at the task.

Inasmuch as you are true in your desires to please Me, know that I want you to be forewarned to accept the burden, knowing that My Son will share the yoke with you and that My Spirit will be with you. Know that you are not alone in the situations and circumstances that will face you, and that through Me you can and will be given all that you need for the mission I call you to.

As My true people, be prepared to face many situations and circumstances that are tragically sad and ugly, as you move forward to break the cycles of sin and set the captive slaves free. You will see many things that you did not even imagine were possible among humans, and yet, generational sin has increased, and the magnitude of wretchedness is overwhelming.

There are so many devices that the devil has bound people in, and they are unable to escape the same because they are slaves who are chained in the cycles of sin. Do not back up or turn away from My call, when you behold the ugliness of souls without Me, and the utter depravity and depression that they exist in daily. Instead, be thankful that you are redeemed from that with which generations have been kept in captivity. Be glad that you are the recipients of mercy, having been liberated.

As you are serving in the attitude of gratitude, you will not go down under the pressures that are in such missions as are open to you. Rather, you will understand that to be faithful to Me means that you bear the burden to see souls set free and put effort forth to accomplish their liberation.

Jesus did not turn back from His mission, but He finished the same even to the point of His death on the cross. As His disciples, you are to follow in His steps and understand that He made the way for all peoples to be saved, and that you must do your part to accomplish the same. Thank Me that you are free.