Consequences of Contempt

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who sees the actions and reactions of all peoples. In these times of increasing iniquity, multitudes are experiencing many troubles and sorrows. This is because they are giving themselves to those things that I never intended for them to participate in. The sins that people are indulging themselves in during these times are very wicked, corrupt, and full of increasing darkness.

It has become commonplace for people to commit multiplied transgressions and then to hypocritically declare that they have done no evil. However, the truth is that the sins and transgressions are evident to Me, for I do see clearly what all peoples are doing.

Throughout the history of My people in the days of antiquity, there were times when they transgressed greatly against Me and went a whoring after those things that I never intended for them. They chose to deviate from Me and go after strange gods and take up wicked and perverse practices that were sin before Me. Because they chose such things, I became sorely displeased with them, and they were no longer covered and protected by Me.

Then, I allowed them to be punished by the heathen they had envied, and those who they had made false covenants with became their captors. They were mistreated, devastated, enslaved, and put in chains. They lost their children for their practices of evil, and their days were filled with anguish and sorrow. I found no pleasure in such ones because of their continual choices to oppose Me and go after false gods.

Before their fantasies were exposed, they had participated in the practices of the heathen and gone after strange flesh. They indulged themselves in the unclean sexual practices of the people they intermingled with, committing acts of abomination and degradation to the extent that they became disgusting to Me, and I found no pleasure in them.

Therefore, because of their multiplied sins and endless wickedness, they were such that they actually became more sinful than the heathen with whom they went a whoring from Me. Repeatedly I was grieved by their continual contacts with that which was so wicked and corrupt, and yet they refused to repent. I sent My prophets to them, and they mistreated My messengers even to the extent of putting them to death.

In their rejection of the call to repentance, they literally chose the pathway that showed their utter contempt for Me. This contempt was evidenced in their actions and disregard for all that was righteous in My sight. I found no pleasure in them nor in their activities which brought many sorrows to them. Know that I never intended for people to go in such a way. I intended for them to go in My way and to be kept by Me as the One true God who had chosen them. Because of their pride, they only increased in the manifestation of contempt for Me, and they showed themselves to be stupid, dumb, and dull. Then they came under My wrath and experienced the consequences of their contempt for Me and the righteous standard I had given them to walk by and live.

Such behaviors as they manifested have continued to be repeated by those who have claimed to be Mine. However, know that they have not deceived Me, either then or now. I the Living God am repulsed by those who have known My way then turned aside in pride and contempt for Me and taken up those things that are abomination. However, they have and do even now, suffer the consequences of their contempt towards Me.

It has been established and remains that I am not mocked, and those who have sought to mock Me by their behaviors and refusals to repent are the one who will find themselves trapped by their own sins. They lose the joy of My presence as well as the ability to resist, refute, and refuse sin. The consequences that come upon them because of their contempt are painful and bring forth much anguish. I do not want My people to be contemptuous mockers and scoffers who are going after their own lusts.

Those who have not and do not repent have the destiny of hell awaiting them because they followed pride rather than bowing the knee to Me in humility and seeking for forgiveness. It is their own choices that bring them to damnation and ruination, because they wanted to go a whoring from Me and take up what was forbidden to them. Realize that I do not find pleasure in such ones for they are full of foolishness, fantasy, and falsity, and are far from Me by their own choosing.

Consider that the consequences of choosing against Me are lasting, and there are endless numbers in hell, locked into the endless chambers of never ending torments, because they chose against Me. If you truly consider the meaningless things that people lose their souls for, it is actually very sad. This is because they have chosen according to their carnal lusts, and in the same displayed their contempt for My way of life which is eternal and everlasting.

Those who choose My way will enter in at their death into My heavenly abodes and be received with rejoicing. On the other hand, those who, believing in lies, have allowed themselves to take up the forbidden will suffer the consequences forever for their contemptuous pride shown forth by their treatment of Me. How foolish they are, for they end their lives on earth only to enter into greater and everlasting torments as their payback.