Sin Disease Plague Increasing

I speak to you this day and I say that it is Me who separates the precious from the vile. That is, I do not want the ones who are truly desirous of Me to be contaminated by the corruption of the vile who are claiming to be Mine yet are liars and deceivers. There are multitudes who identify themselves as Christian, yet their deeds do not in any way reflect the Master they claim to serve.

Instead, they do the deeds of demons and walk in a way that is disgusting to Me and literally separates them from My presence, because they are doing the deeds of wickedness, not the deeds of goodness. They choose to estrange themselves from Me because they are loving to wallow in sin, yet they have the audacity to declare they have done no evil.

There are many who are posing themselves as My messengers, yet their hearts are far from Me because they are going in the way that is uncleanness and perversion before Me. They have chosen to corrupt themselves with those things that I never intended for them, and in the same they prove to be totally unworthy. Because they are making false claims, they corrupt others and cause them to likewise transgress against Me. I absolutely do not find pleasure in such ones who, because of their sins, spread the sin disease and do not even feel remorse over the same.

Do not allow yourselves to be infected with the sin disease and by the same lose your lives and your souls. Realize that you are meant to walk in the way that I intend, and if you do, you will not become infected and diseased by the contamination of sin.

Stop and consider how many there are who are full of contamination and are likewise defiled with sin of all kinds. The spread of sexually transmitted diseases is at an all-time high. People are dying of incurable sicknesses and diseases, and no one can help them. Likewise, multitudes are dying as victims of violence, and murder has become commonplace. The hopeless and the homeless are multiplying daily and literally squatting wherever they please, driving out original occupants and business owners.

Politics are reflecting the disorder of the times, and many leaders locally, nationally, and globally are functioning in confusion, with chaos erupting in many places. Governments are being overthrown by unexpected forces and peoples are left in the aftermath of bloody wars. Rubble and devastation have replaced that which was once well built and well kept. So many of the innocent are caught in ordeals they never foresaw nor prepared for. All of these things are escalating in a world that has separated itself from Me and gone mad as the consequence of their choices in opposition to Me.

Be thankful that you do not have to be a part of their continuing madness, nor do you have to partake of the sadness that marks their lives. When you are staying true to Me, you are being kept by Me and uplifted in the way that I intend for you to walk in each day. Be glad even now that it is Me that you can serve with joy because I am good to you.

I have given you My Holy Spirit to uplift, direct, and guide you in the way that is intended, and you are not alone. When you are being true to Me, then you will know that I do reward the ones who are remaining faithful to Me. I do not want My people to be spiritual adulterers. I want My people to be true and faithful to Me at all times. Be thankful that you can keep yourselves clean if you obey the directives and commands of My Spirit.

It is foolishness to allow yourselves to be made vile when you are among the ones who are precious unto Me. Be therefore aware that the enemies will attempt to corrupt you and cause you serious infection and even death by the vileness that is in the sin disease. You are not meant to become sick, nor to be infected with the contagions that want you dead and are ever present in sin. Because sin causes death, both naturally and spiritually, multitudes are infected and dying daily in the natural and the spiritual. I do not want you to be found dead. I want you to be alive, alert, and active for My kingdom and My purposes and plans.

Far too many are dying, despite the advances that have been made in medical science. While researchers are proclaiming they have cures, it is not true, for there is no vaccination that can cure the sin disease. Unless people will honestly repent and turn from their wicked ways, the sin disease will continue as a worldwide plague that is not stopped. When you hear the loud self-assured proclamations of those who believe they will stay the plagues, new mutations will come up for which they have no remedy because none are repenting.

Because of the full scale rejection by peoples of all nations of the call to humble themselves and repent before Me, the death toll continues to increase and fear stalks throughout the world. However, because people are loving the very things that are destroying them, they are taken into cruel bondage and there they remain as slaves, unable to free themselves.

Reality remains despite the choices of people upon this earth, and those who are choosing the vile will perish under the same. No matter how deceived they are, it is by their choices that they remain in vileness. I do not want you to be in vileness and the ugliness of sin as the ones who are walking yet destined to death and damnation. Be alive, alert, and actively praising Me.