Those Controlled by Fantasy Are Demonized

I speak to you this day and I say: Be thankful for the reality that is found in and through Me. The vast majority of people in these times are living in the world of fantasy and imagination, and in the same have no respect or regard for Me. Instead, they are daily living in pretension and falsity and believing in the same that they are free to do as they want. However, they fail to realize that I am their Creator and that they were given life by Me for My purposes and My intentions for them.

The result of such lives that are in the fantasy of imagination is that people are taken into that which subjects them to demon powers. The demon powers are of course desiring to see men, women, and children destroyed by sin, so that they end in death and damnation of their souls.

So many have given themselves over to the rule of demons and by the same have chosen to sin and sin again. Some become so totally possessed by demons that they do things that are absolutely atrocious and abominable. In these times there are people possessed by demons who are subjecting themselves to the same demonic powers that ruined humankind before the great flood that I sent as My wrath, fury and indignation against them.

Because of the gross misbehavior of men, women, and children before, I brought the great flood that drowned the ones who were not in the ark. I was forced by their gross sins to destroy them, as their deeds were so evil. However, know that those same demons still roam the earth and look for people to inhabit and act out their wickedness through. In these times, because of wrong influences and coverings, multitudes are committing acts of such wickedness that it is shocking.

Yet the persistent advancement of demons in terms of people’s subjectivity is ever increasing because of their yielding to those things that are wicked and corrupt before Me. When people choose to be covered by demon spirits rather than My Spirit, then they will be seeing that such as covers them is vile, wicked, unclean, and perverse. However, they are not true to Me, and because of that they prefer sin above My holiness, and they prefer iniquity above My righteousness.

Of course, I am not mocked and what they do is returned to them, and for all of their false assumptions, they are the ones who are being consumed by demon powers and losing their souls. Do not give yourselves over to fantasy, for the same will take you down because of the control that demons will gain over you. My people are not meant to be lending themselves to the wickedness nor the wretchedness that is the inevitable consequence of violation of My intentions for them.

Therefore, be aware that as My people you are not meant to copy the world, which is ruled by the devil and his forces. You are meant to be giving yourselves all the way to Me, for I am the One who desires you to be kept always in the protection that I do provide. Therefore, be thankful that it is Me who is always listening when you cry out to Me and your prayers are not hindered by sins.

Those who are walking uprightly in the way that I intend will be continually blessed by Me and used for My purposes. Realize that there is of course a constant warfare, and all who are adhering to Me will need to keep up the guard against the forces that want them dead! The wicked play for keeps, in the sense that they hate with great bitterness and vehemence the souls who have escaped their clutches and come into Me.

Do not be found sleeping while on watch and not keeping vigilant guard over your own actions and reactions. Realize that the demon forces that destroyed in the times before the great flood are currently roaming the earth and looking for people to inhabit. Once people yield to the invitations of demons, they are taken down and will act out in deeds of wickedness and gross corruption.

The ones who have committed themselves to Me are not meant to be yielding to the demon forces that are ever present and want people to be damned. Keeping this in mind, do not be among the ones who have surrendered themselves without resistance to the insistence of demons. Consider how utterly devastating and destroying the forces of darkness really are then do not be surrendering to them.

As My true ones you are meant to resist, rebuke, and refute the tempters as well as the temptations they put before you to entice and seduce you to sin. Know that when anyone is yielding to sin, they are literally playing with death and destruction. Do not play with sin, nor flirt with the world. Such activities will take you down and literally bring you to total ruination, and you will be engulfed and overwhelmed, actually unable to resist.

Be serving Me in the attitude of gratitude, thankful that you do not have to be a host to the very parasitical demons that want you totally destroyed. Rather, you can be uplifted, instructed, and guided forth by a plain path as My Spirit is ever present with you. You do not need to fear demons, as you are following in the footsteps of My Son. All power has been given to Him and He will enable you to be set free, delivered and going onward without the baggage that demons want to weigh you down with. Be glad that you are a people who are on the freedom road, and do not look or turn back.