Pride Produces Hatred of God

I speak to you this day and I tell you that it is vitally important that you keep stayed upon Me. These are times of great and expanding evil whereby the enemies believe themselves to reign supreme. Evil people with wicked agendas are throughout the earth and believing themselves to be absolutely invincible and capable beyond measure.

However, they are not what they think themselves to be, for it is Me the Living God who reigns supreme and who desires all peoples to recognize that they are merely created beings who are meant to be subject to Me as the Creator of all life. When people grow proud and haughty as they are in these times, they believe in their own greatness, which is a lie. Because of such misconceptions and delusions, they are unable to continue in the humility that is literally a protection for them.

Those who give themselves to pride are giving themselves to that which I never intended for them, and in so doing they are taken in the delusions and madness of pride’s clutches. As is told in the history of My people in the days of antiquity, when they grew proud and contemptuous towards Me, they did not pay heed to Me, nor did they walk according to My dictates for them. When I sent My prophets to them, they rejected My prophets and persecuted and prosecuted them. Some were imprisoned and others were stoned to death. This is because I sent My prophets to them crying out for them to repent of their sins and return to Me.

However, because of pride, they adamantly refused to answer My call for them to repent. Instead, they grew more and more hard of hearts and stiff of neck. The consequences that befell My people who had turned from Me were bitter and deadly. They oftentimes ended in bondage, slavery, cruel oppression and even death. This is because they had refused repeatedly My call for them to repent and return to Me as their God.

The principle that is portrayed is simply this: They could have and should have remained loyal to Me, for I am the One, the only One who cared for them and called them to be Mine. Secondarily, they should have humbled themselves even though they had sinned, when I sent My prophets to them, and repented of their sins and been restored to right standing with Me.

However, their problems were not faced by them, because they were too proud and self-confident in their spiritual adultery and abominable practices that were a shame to Me. The lesson that has been recorded, yet is ignored by people in this age, is that you reap what you sow, and the ones who violate Me and refuse to repent are considered as unacceptable in My sight.

As My Son did speak to Jerusalem and tell them that He had desired them gathered as a hen does gather her brood, yet they would not. In other words, We want our people to be gathered together as it is well pleasing to Us. I desire for men and women to be in fellowship with one another as Mine and not in fellowship with the world. Know for a fact that the world is full of darkness, and those who are in friendship with the same cannot truly be loving Me. This is because they are inwardly full of rebellion and idolatry, and the same manifests in their choices for the world.

Realize that each day choices are made for Me, and if any people stop choosing for Me, then they are choosing for the abominations that are found in the world. I do not want you to be choosing for the world, not in any degree. I want you to be choosing for Me, for I am your Maker, your Keeper, and your Provider.

It is offensive to Me and always has been when My people take up any other person, place, or thing to be their god or gods. Likewise, if they yield to the spirits of goddess worship, they are equally guilty before Me. Do not ever go after the ugliness that is found in this world through idolatry and think that you can wipe your mouths and say you have done no evil. Be aware that I am conscious of all of the evil that you do, and the same is vile, wicked, and corrupt before Me.

I have never found pleasure in the ones who are in disobedience, nor do I find pleasure in them now. It is an outright disgust to Me to see people who are busy corrupting themselves then claiming that they do not commit sin. Of course they commit sin, and they by that sin separate themselves from Me and become a shame to My Name if they refuse to repent and return.

Consider the sin that transpired by Adam and Eve when they were the inhabitants of the Garden of Eden. They were the ones who had everything and were in continual fellowship with Me. I did not withhold any good thing from them, and I was well pleased with them as My creation. However, I gave them only one commandment, and that pertained to the tree from which they were forbidden to eat of. Because they chose to violate that commandment, they were banished from the garden because of their transgression and imagination that they could hide their sin.

No sin is hidden from Me, and those who believe that they can hide sin are deceiving themselves. The truth is that I see all sins committed by people throughout the earth. The majority of sufferings and sorrows that people undergo are the consequence of their choices to sin, which then lead to them coming under curses that no one can free them of, except they repent through Jesus and be returned. I do not want you cursed but blessed through Me.