The Lord Is the Potter, We Are the Clay

I speak unto you this day and I say: Remember that I am the potter and you are the clay. It is true that I shape My people as it pleases Me and for My use. However, if My people estrange themselves from Me and go in the ways that I have forbidden, then they are no longer in My hands, nor are they useful unto Me for My intentions. Instead, they are such as are used for the purposes of the wicked one rather than Me.

The reality is that I do not shape people for them to be filled up with the uncleanness and filthiness of sin and by the same become useless. I make the ones who are Mine for what I intend. However, when they become marred and no longer useful, then if they refuse to repent and return, they become in their refusal vessels that are fit for destruction.

Be thankful unto Me that you have been shaped for My purposes and that, as you respect Me as the potter, you will be vessels who are fit for My usage. However, if you are choosing to go in the way of the rebellious, then you become nothing more than vessels of dishonor.

In the days of old, when My people became rebellious against Me, they were not useful unto Me. Instead, they underwent much suffering and anguish because they allowed rebellion to rule them rather than keeping their first estate and their commitments to Me as the One True God, who is the One who created them.

When you see for yourselves the consequences of nations that have turned from Me, what do you see? You will see disturbance, disruption, destruction, and devastation. Nations that were once prosperous and enviable will become destitute and end in the misery of the same. Know for a fact that I am not calling you to such a place. Rather, I am calling you to know the power of My presence and to be thankful to be found in the same.

So many in these times are in desolation because of the choices they are making for sin. When sin and sinners are being exalted, know that My wrath will be revealed against all who are choosing such a course. Be thankful this day that you do not have to be a partaker of their wickedness, nor do you have to be a partaker of their darkness, nor of the consequences of their choices against Me.

I want you to be glad even today that it is Me that you can serve with gladness and rejoicing, and that you can come forth purposed and directed in My intentions by My Holy Spirit. Far too many are deceived, and they literally love it so, because their hearts are far from Me. Over and over, they have chosen to be corrupted by sin rather than directed by My Spirit. Just lumps of clay that have grown hardened and unusable to the potter, so are multitudes to Me. That is, the hardness of their hearts causes them to be rebellious and unwilling to go the way that I intend.

Not only do people choose such a course, but entire nations become the clay that is useless, just as did My people of old. Then others passing by will look at them and see that they are essentially useless in their hardened state. Yet, because I am merciful, if they will truly repent and their hearts become soft once more towards Me, then I will no longer display My wrath upon them. However, it is likely that the majority are not interested in Me. They are interested in the world’s ways and the continuing corruption of the same.

Never have I intended to destroy My people, nor the nations who once honored Me. However, it is their sins that bring them to separation from Me, and their actions display the wantonness of their ways. Be thankful that I am the One who desires for you to walk in My way and be uplifted by Me. Remember that you were created by Me for My purposes and not your own or the demons who try to control you.

There are many miserable peoples who are growing not only in numbers but in miseries, because their hearts are far from Me. Repeatedly, they live under the dictates that direct them into the ditch, and they wallow in the muck and mire of the same. They are unable to extract themselves. Yet, if they cry out to Me, then they are extracted and brought forth and enabled to rejoice and give Me praise.

I do not turn a deaf ear to those who are willing to be subject to My intentions for them, and they are consequently brought forth and enabled to rejoice in Me. When you are thankful to Me, you will see that I do not withhold any good thing from you. Repeatedly I purpose you to know Me as I am and to partake of the power of My presence.

Realistically, what good is a clay pot that is broken and cracked in many places? Not good for anything, except to be thrown to the ground and returned to the dust. I do not want you returned to the dust. I want you to come forth in the calling I have for you and be used for My purposes. As you are My vessels, you are to show forth My light, My life, and My love. Therefore, know that it is a divine privilege to be found useful and ever guided by My intentions for you.

When you are vessels of honor, then I will use you for the higher purposes and intentions of My heart. Be thankful that you can indeed stay true, stay obedient, and stay useful unto Me. There are far too many who corrupt themselves and bring forth nothing but destruction by the same. Then in the end they are broken and scattered and useful for nothing, except dust blown by the wind because they refused Me.