Beware of Spirit Haters

I speak to you this day and I say: Be thankful unto Me that you are trained by My Spirit and not left to flounder without direction. There are many who have been taught by Spirit-hating teachers who have told them that they do not need the instruction nor direction by My Spirit. Rather they need only to listen to them and they are fine.

However, they fail to address the issues at hand, which are that men and women die and many times their false teachings remain. Such false teachings as they have promoted hold people in captivity to the same religious demons. Then they are likewise held back from believing in the leading of My Spirit and the training that is meant for them to receive.

I do not want My people to be held back from My Spirit, for it is My intention that they would come forth in the same, knowing that I am the One who has given them My Spirit that they would be made glad by adhering to the same. My Spirit is given that My people would be brought forth in all truth and directed in the power of My presence. It is not My intention for those who are Mine to be imprisoned in theology rather than truth. When you see the ones who have been trained by Spirit haters, know that they are blaspheming the very Spirit I have sent to lead and guide believers in the way that is all truth.

Be thankful unto Me that you are not intended to be dull and dumb, and merely believing in the theologies and philosophies of proud men and women who are opposing My Spirit. Those who settle for religion rather than relationship will find themselves lacking when they stand before Me. Do not be as the ones who are merely religious rut dwellers and do not seek for Me, nor adhere to the leading of My Spirit. Such ones oftentimes find themselves absolutely desolate and empty and unable to move with Me. I do not call them there. They are taken there because of their choices.

When you meet up with the ones who are under the deluded coverings of Spirit haters, know that I do not intend for you to listen to them as though they had something to give you. They do not. What they are giving is poisonous and will cause souls to die in prison houses of religion rather than being led by the power of My Spirit.

As My true spirit people, you are intended to realize how privileged you really are to come forth under direction and able to respond favorably to My Spirit outpourings. Stop and consider how dry your lives would be if you merely were put in a prison house of religion and left there. I do not intend My people to be imprisoned in religion. I want My people free to follow Me and obey My commands to them and follow the same. Be thankful this day that you can follow My Spirit and obey the commands of the same, being kept and empowered by Me. I do not want you to be dried up and merely putting on a religious facade while your hearts are far from Me.

How many people who put on the religious front are actually living in sin and in some cases are guilty of more sin than the sinners they believe themselves to be superior to! Realize that none is superior. In fact, those who are operating out of pride, believing in their own superiority, are operating out of falsehood and lies.

I am not mocked, and those who want to believe false teachers and receive the training that undermines My Spirit’s teaching and training are literally setting themselves up for the deception of demonic powers that will weaken them and take their hearts far from Me. The ones who want to be in control of their lives even in the spiritual dimension are rebellious against My rule over them, because they are believing in themselves rather than Me.

I do not want My people to be ruled by the demon spirits that would lead them into rebellion and rejection of the truth. Such spirits are sent to kill, steal, and destroy. They kill the desire that believers have for Me, they steal from them the joy of their salvation, and they destroy their faith by falsehood, lies, and deceptions.

Serve each day in the attitude of gratitude, because you are Mine and you are not called to be estranged from Me by the forces of darkness, the forces of the world and the lusts contained therein, and the force of self. All of these are used by the devil and his demons to separate My people from their faith and confidence in Me, the One True God who remains. I have been from the beginning, and I will always be.

Keeping My eternal presence in your perspective. Respect and honor Me that you in turn will be respected and honored and given My power, light, and truth to walk by and live in every day. If you consider the glorious goodness of who I am and what I provide for you, you cannot help but thank Me that I am your maker, your keeper, your deliverer, and your provider. As your focus is kept on Me, you are not left desolated nor isolated from the direction, the correction, and instruction given to you through and by My Holy Spirit.

Those who look to Me will receive of Me each and every day because they are being guided by the Spirit that I have given to them. Let it be My Spirit that is your guide, your teacher, and your trainer. It is a great privilege to be trained by My Spirit and guided by the same. Do not for one minute imagine that the Spirit ends you in a ditch. It does not. Rather, My Spirit will uplift, lead, guide, and direct you in the intensity of reality in Me.