Don’t Get Sidetracked by Demonic Tactics

I speak unto you this day and I say: Whatsoever I call you to do, do with diligence, not slacking back or wasting time on those things that are worldly. It is not My intention that My people would be unperceptive regarding the schemes and plots of the enemies. My people are meant to keep single and aware that they are to please Me and not get sidetracked by demonic tactics and devices. If you really consider how much the devil and his demons hate and detest a consecrated people, then you will not want to be participating in their schemes at all.

When you keep up what I have called you to in all diligence, the consequence is that you are pleasing Me because you are steadfast at that which I have for you to accomplish. There are multitudes in this wicked and perverse generation who have abandoned themselves to demonic schemes, and in the same have lost their souls. Whenever people stop listening to My Spirit and listen to the devil, they are listening to wickedness and they will act out the suggestions of demons, and by the same lose out with Me.

Please do not imagine that I want you to be partaking of the wickedness that is found in the world. You are meant to rebuke, refute, and refuse the lies and the liars.

The devil is quite capable, when assisted by demon powers, of causing many to stumble and fall away because they come under his net of deception. Even from the beginning, the enemy used deceptive dialogue with Eve to deceive her and cause her to take up the forbidden. She in turn convinced her husband to likewise partake of the forbidden. Both were deceived because they were choosing to believe lies above the truth and to take the enemy suggestion above My command to them.

There is every day a major war being waged against all who want to walk uprightly, in the sense that the devil and demons make such ones special targets because they hate the ones who are sincerely committed to My plan. It is not My intention for men and women to take on the covering of lies and then to sin accordingly because they stop obeying the commands and directives of My Spirit. Then they believe the countless lies that the forces of darkness hurl at them and by the same they are ensnared and entangled in the net of deceit.

It is Me who wants My people to be quick to discern the difference between good and evil because they are exercised in the Spirit and enabled to discern between good and evil. The enemies have sought to discourage people from operating in the gifts of My Holy Spirit and settle down in nothing but religious ritual and routine. Know of a surety that the devil hates to see people who are operating in the discerning of spirits. This is because those who are discerning will be enabled to differentiate between good and evil and will not be taken in by demonic powers.

Far too many have fallen into failure to operate in the gifts of the Spirit, and the consequence is that by such misconduct they lose contact with My Spirit and are simply locked into having a “good church service” rather than the outpouring of My Spirit. I desire you to be partakers of My Spirit and to know that as you are partaking of Me, then you are enabled to be found being led by the Spirit rather than religious demons.

Do not choose to be lazy and remain hazy. Rather, be diligent and desirous of My Spirit’s directives and partake of the Holy Spirit outpourings with gladness and rejoicing. It is so sweet to follow My Spirit and know that by such following you are being led in a plain path and given the joy of true direction and enlightenment.

There are many false messengers who are claiming to be enlightened but they are deceivers and literally possessed by demons. While they put on religious displays, their enlightenment is actually darkness, and their hearts are far from Me. When you discern such ones, let it be known that they are false messengers who want only to take others into the same deceitful practices. All the while, know that the devil is behind such false enlightenment to cause souls to be destroyed and damned.

There are endless souls who are in hell’s prison, who got there by believing in enlightened messengers who were sources of demonic infiltration and devastation to the ones who followed such messengers. Be thankful that you are under true enlightenment because you are following My Son Jesus, who is the way that is light. In fact, He came to the earth to bear witness of the light and to be the light to a sin-sick generation.

Many are the sorrows of those who do not stay in My way but go in the broad way and by the same are made ugly and unclean. Be serving in the attitude of gratitude that you do not have to be deceived but you can be received by Me because you are remaining in the purpose and the plan I have for you. It is My pleasure to have a people who will stay true to Me and not be ashamed of what I do by the outpourings of My Spirit.

Those who are receptive to My Spirit are enabled to be enriched in godly wisdom and understanding because they are open to the true Spirit rather than to spirits of falsehood and pretension. Be glad that as you are exercised by My Spirit, you are able to see beyond a doubt that I am the Only True God and that all imitations lead to damnation.