God Is Greater than All Agendas of Evil

I speak to you this day, My people, and I say: Be glad to know that I am who I declare Myself to be. Be knowing that in the times ahead when multitudes will surrender to the agendas of evil men and demons, that I will be with you, as you are My people and I am your God. Do not by any means doubt that it is Me the Living God alone of all the gods who is alive and well able to keep the ones who look to Me as their everlasting source and the power that is invincible and eternal.

My people are intended to be putting their trust in what I am able to do and not in what the evil agendas are. Be aware that those who are feeding off of the plots of the wicked will become intimidated by the same. That is, they will find themselves pushed down because they will take in the fear and dread that are the demonic devices sent to control people.

As you are My people, do not be subject to such things, for they are not meant for you in any way whatsoever. It is intended that you keep your vision on those things that I am doing for you each day and that you keep alert to My Spirit, that you move according to the directives of the same.

Do not be found sleeping nor slumbering in the sense that you are without what it is that I have intended for you to be partaking of and living in. My people are meant to be living in the divine presence and not in the evil presence. Know that the tactics of the devil and his demons are many, and that they will use whatever they can, on whoever they can, in order to bring ruination on those who fall prey to their devices.

I do not intend for you to be going in the way of transgressors, for that way is very hard. Oftentimes My people suffer acutely because they have chosen the confusion and the delusion of evil agendas and the workers of iniquity. It is senseless to fill yourselves on such as causes you suffering. It is wisdom to be partakers of that which I give, because the same will prove to be strength and purpose to you, as you are kept by Me and uplifted in the power of who I am.

Be glad that you do not have to be partaking of death but rather that you can partake of the eternal-life way that is available as you look to Me. Over and over, I warn and tell My people not to participate in the wickedness, the evil, the sins that are appearing to be so inviting, for they do not know the end of such choices will be wretchedness and misery. Those who partake of the devil’s bait are the ones who are overwhelmed and devoured because of listening to the lies of the liars. Be thankful to be enabled to keep your vision single to Me as the source and the resource who is ever available to you each day.

Yes, it is true that there are many evil agendas and wicked persons who are seeking to achieve the same in this fallen world. However, be aware that it is Me the Living God who offers refuge to any and all who cry out and will confess their sins to My Son Jesus and find the mercies that are awaiting them through forgiveness. When violent storms are raging, it is only the foolish who run out and remain in the same. Many have lost their lives by giving way to the enticement to go out into the storms and violent upheavals that are the demonstration of My wrath revealed against the wicked.

Realize that I offer to My own safety and refuge as well as refreshing and replenishing. Be thankful that you do not have to live in continual fear and dread because of the agendas at hand, but rather you can live in trust and confidence in Me as the God who is supreme over all. When you truly see how much I can blow men and women away like leaves in the wind, be all the more glad that I am indeed your source and your strength. More than anything, I delight in a people who are trusting themselves to Me in all that they do because they know that I am with them.

In such times of uncertainty as you are in, be alert to the fact that I will do everything to keep you in the power of My presence and protect you from the evils that are at hand. However, you and all who claim they love Me must choose to adhere to My standards and dictates, not pursuing the wickedness that is in the world. More than anything, remember that it is Me who gives to you all that you have need of each day, and that you are not left in desolation and despair.

There is much misery to be had for those who choose to walk afar off from Me and to go after that which I have not ordained for them. However, the choices they make will bring them down to their bitter end, and the same will show them how absolutely desolate life is without Me. Sad to say, many who dive into the filthy waters of sin are never able to extract themselves from the same, and they face drowning in such filthiness.

It is stupidity to believe lies when you have been taught the truth. It is likewise ridiculous to assume that you can take in poison and not be affected by the same if you have been forewarned. Therefore, be enabled by Me to come forth knowing that I am the One who gives to you all that you have need of in every circumstance and situation. Do not seek after the vanities of this world and imagine you are okay by Me. You are not okay by Me. You are taken down and devastated by the destroyers you believe more than Me.

Do not feed of fear and then expect to be courageous. Do not feed of doubt then expect to be full of faith and trust in Me. Feed of hope and faith.