Don’t Set Up Camp and Stay There

I speak to you this day and I say: Be willing to move with Me. That is, be in obedience to the commands of My Spirit and be accepting of what I have for you to do in reference to all l things that I desire of you. I do not call you to be married to any circumstance or situation. I call you to be married to Me. Therefore, do not set up camp anywhere and imagine that is all there is. Rather, realize that when I call you to any circumstance or situation, that does not mean forever. The only place that is forever is when you are finished on earth and taken to heaven. Be glad that you can indeed know that, so you do not get yourselves into mental torment because I send My Spirit to command you to pack up camp.

It is common when people are setting up their camp that they do not build their houses there on a permanent level. Rather, they realize that their stay is temporary and that they will be moving on when they know that it is time to pack up camp. Be thankful that this place is not your permanent home but that you can move with Me, and that in so doing you are kept aware that your commitment is to My desire and not to any locality.

Be thankful for anything that I do with you, inasmuch as you have committed yourselves to Me as the One who is well able and who does not fail to give you what you need. When you are content to abide in Me, then are you kept alive and alert in what I intend for you, and by My power and strength you are enabled to continue.

Realize that you are not meant to be overwhelmed by your circumstances or situations, but you are to know that I will be with you no matter where you end, if you keep looking to Me. I do not want My people to be in sin then expect that I will keep them, for they, by their choices for sin, separate themselves from Me.

However, when My people are willing to walk uprightly, then they are kept and directed in the way that I give for them to walk in and directed daily by My Holy Spirit. Do not for one minute imagine that you must be in those places that are vile and take up the corruption of the same. Keep in mind that there are many good things that I do for you each day, and that I will continue to give to you exactly what you need as you are obedient to Me. It is a good thing to walk in the obedience that I desire and require of you and to know that in the same you are well pleasing unto Me as the One who reigns supreme.

When you hear the ones who are complaining and murmuring over their circumstances and situations, know that they are doing so because they are thinking themselves as better than they are. The reality is that no one is so superior that they are higher than I and deserve better than I provide. So often, when people are operating out of a proud heart, they believe themselves to be so superior, but they are not. This is because they think that the more they are complaining and murmuring then the more that they will be honored as some great and superior being.

The truth is that such ones as these will not be honored. They will be rejected because they have chosen to esteem themselves as something that they are not. They are literally dishonoring Me by their proud assumptions as to what they think they deserve.

Be aware that you are not put through anything that My Son has not already been through, and if He has been there where you are, then you are not to consider yourselves too good to go through what He has been through. Be thankful unto Me that through My Spirit’s guidance you can realize that humility submission is the way that Jesus walked while on earth. In the realm of humility submission there is much to be found which will enliven you and take you onward in the way that is enduring and everlasting life.

As you serve in the attitude of gratitude, you will understand that that which I give to you is good because it comes of Me and not of this world. You are not meant to be married to people, places, or things. Therefore, keep your vision single, that is, unto Me, and know that My way is perfect and meant for you to partake of and be enriched by each day. Be glad that you are given My light on the path and that you do not have to be in estrangement from Me nor kept from My intentions for you.

When you are seeing the multitudes who have gone after the ways of the heathen and committed their lives to their habitats on earth, know that they are foolish. This is because they have expended themselves for the things that pass away and are not important in terms of eternity. Be thankful that I have called you to be partaking of the way that is eternal and everlasting, that you understand that you are pilgrims who are merely passing through this land. This earth will never be your permanent home. This is because when you die, you will be, if you have lived for Me in obedience to My standard, taken into My heavenly abode with the saints who have gone on before you.

Therefore, be thankful that you can know that there is a better home awaiting you, and that with this in mind you can continue to move as My Spirit commands you to move onward. Be thankful that even as this earth is sin-cursed and people are dying because of their sins, that you do not have to die. You can be uplifted, guided, and directed in the way that is far from sin and that is prepared for you to walk in, that you be kept and purposed in the same.