Are You Cowardly or Courageous?

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be encouraged in My way. Essentially, when you are encouraged, then you are able to encourage others likewise. My people are not meant to be discouraged. They are meant to be uplifted, encouraged, and brought forth, knowing that it is Me who does give to them all that they have need. When I tell you to be encouraged, stop and consider the essence of what I am telling you. I am essentially telling you to be in courage rather than fear, doubt, and/or unbelief.

Be thankful this day that you can serve Me with a whole heart and that you can be directed in the truth that I intend for you to walk by. As you are serving Me in the attitude of gratitude and keeping your focus on Me, you do not have to go down under the enemy attacks that will beset you on every hand. Instead, you can know how truly good I am to you, and in the same you are directed and instructed in the way of eternal life.

When you consider the many voices that are raging throughout the earth at this time, be thankful that you can listen to My voice and be uplifted in the same. I do not call My people to be listening to the many voices and fall under spell of the same. Rather, they are to be renewed and refreshed and enabled to go forth in the power that I give to them, which enables them to be full of the courage I give.

Do not take on the coverings of these times which are full of fear, dread, despair, depression and death. Rather, take on the coverings that I have for you which will renew you in the power of who I am. I am the Living God and through Me you gain life. Therefore, know that what you choose to be covered by is where you will live or die. Realize that the enemy forces have the age-old agenda of sin, death, and damnation, and it is their pleasure to see souls damned forever.

When My people are encouraged, then they have the courage to go onward in the battle. That is, they will not be as the children of Ephraim who, being armed and carrying bows, turned back in the day of battle. Rather, they will be like Joshua, who was of a good courage because he kept his first estate and his vision on Me. Do not be as the ones who are ogling the world, then by the same taking up the cowardly way rather than the courageous way that I ordain. Be glad even this day that you can be in the stance of bravery rather than in the way of cringing. Realize that if you are looking to Me continually, then you are being guided forth and renewed by My presence and the strength that I give to you. Do not be weary in well doing, but continue, ever made glad that I am the source, the strength and the safety that is imparted to you as you remain faithful and true to Me. I love to bless My people and give to them in abundance.

When I spoke to Joshua regarding the invasion and entry into the promised land, I instructed him to be strong and courageous because he would face the enemies who inhabited the land. So it is even now, that there are enemies who stand against you that rule by fear and intimidation. However, if you keep single in your vision, they will not be able to intimidate you, for I will be ever present with you.

Consider that I have hosts of warrior angels that I can and do send forth to assist My people in battle. Likewise, I have strategies that are superior to all of the strategies of the world’s forces. Therefore, be thankful that you can look to Me as the source, the strength, the safety, for I am ever present and My resources are unlimited. Be glad that you do not have to see the overwhelming giants and be gripped by fear. Rather, you can listen to the commands of My Holy Spirit and march onward in reliance and rejoicing in Me. I do not want you to be afraid. I want you to be fearless regarding the powers of evil people and demons.

I have given the power to Jesus because He completed His course in obedience. I likewise give the power to you because you are in obedience to My Spirit. Keeping this in mind, do not fall down in fear when you face those forces that will attempt to convince you that you are defeated. You are not defeated. You are encouraged and enlivened by all that is present in Me as the source that you look to and believe. More than any other way, My way is perfect.

The ways that are found in the broad way lead to destruction. All of the gods of the heathen are dead, and you are not meant to accept the lying spirits that would attempt to seduce you to worship such powers. Realize that when I ordain you to be Mine, be thankful and rejoice that I am the power, the glory, and the mercy given that you can be thankful to partake of the same with gladness.

There are multitudes who are full of fear and bowing down to idols of all manner because of such fear. Actually, the powers of nations, of governments, of military establishments and secular authority are in these times run by demon powers that rule in cruelty. If you look at the conditions that are present in this world, you will see that what I declare to you this day is absolutely true. Be thankful that you do not have to bow to any other god, any other source, but that I reign supreme and triumphant. Be glad and not sad, for I am the absolute authority over all the powers that be. Even when men imagine they reign, remember I can and do bring them down!