Don’t Be a Dead Food Junkie, Eat Living Bread

I speak to you this day and I say: Let divine hunger rise up in you that you will seek for more and more of Me. Just as a person grows hungry in their carnality, so do I want you to be hungry in your spirituality. Then you will be, as you express your hunger to Me, fed with the bread of heaven that I am able to give to you by My Spirit each day.

Do not be as the fat, full, and flourishing, who relish only the things that pertain to their carnality. They have no desire for the things that relate to the spiritual side that they are meant to pursue. Such as these will come under My wrath more and more because they are proud, high-minded, and full of rebellion against Me. I do not want you to be partaking of their way of life, for it ends in death and damnation of their souls. Far too many have given themselves over to those things, and the same prove to be destruction and devastation, because of their choices against Me.

Be thankful each day for the bread that I feed you, for it is living, and by the same you will be sustained and strengthened in the aspects that pertain to My kingdom rather than the kingdoms of the world. Those who make it their practice to seek Me first rather than hearing what the world has to say will find that I give them miracles and mercies each day. As you are knowing more and more of Me, so are you able to be uplifted in the power, the glory, and the purpose that I have for you. Therefore, do not be weary in well doing, in the sense that you adhere to the commands of My Spirit and refrain from overindulgence of your carnal cravings.

As you realize the intensity of the battle in the spirit dimension, you will be made aware of how much you need the direction that comes through My Holy Spirit each day. When you are hungering for Me, then of course you are going to receive what is meant to be fed to those who are Mine. My people are not meant to eat of the junk food of the world and grow sick by the same. My people are to eat of that which is purposed to make them strong for the battles they fight in the spiritual dimension on a daily basis.

When you see those who are declaring themselves to be followers of Jesus, yet their lives are full of selfishness and overindulgence, know that they are not following Him. Instead, they are following the beastly old nature that wants to completely suffocate the life out of those who love and desire Me. I do not want you to believe in them, for they are full of falsity and vanity and will prove to be very short sighted and worldly minded. They are not bearing witness of My kingdom. Rather, they bear witness of the greediness and selfishness of carnality, demanding attention.

Those who are continually calling attention to themselves are dull and dumb because they have made a god of their own desires and demand that others worship their god. I do not want you to bow to the carnality of anyone, nor do I want you to come under those who are full of self-worship. Any time that people are eating of junk food, they will eventually become sick because of the same. This is because they are not getting proper nutrients and their choices have separated them from Me. I do not want you to be malnourished as they are!

What you choose to eat of is very important in the long run regarding your well-being. This is because when you are partaking of those things that are nourishing, then you are being ever strengthened and brought forth in the replenishing I intend for you. I do not want My people to be spiritually weak and enfeebled, nor starving because they have been fed the rotted pottage that does not do them good.

Stop and consider that because I am the God of goodness, I want My people to be hungry for the bread of heaven which is provided by Me. Therefore, do not feed yourselves on those things that pass away and by the same be unable to stand up under the pressures that come your way. I want you to be thankful to be partaking of those things that are so vital for your well-being. To be in the condition of well-being means essentially that your being is doing well rather than poorly.

How many there are who are without and are suffering the consequences of the same! I do not want you to be as such, for they are unable to be valiant for the truth because they have eaten of lies and made their choices according to the same.

Each day, make your choices for truth and you will see that I do not fail to provide for you. My Spirit will not stop feeding you as you are reliant and dependent on the same. You will not be left to starve spiritually, nor will you be weak from eating junk food.

Do not be a dead food junkie. Instead, be alive and alert and enabled to march onward, not being afraid nor turning aside. Remember, those who will receive the true rewards prepared for them are the ones who will keep single in their vision and alive in Me. Be thankful that you can continue steady in the way, as you are led by My Spirit and fed the living bread. Be serving in the attitude of gratitude and let your understanding be increased, as well as your knowledge of the things that matter in eternity.

There is true wealth and health given when you are making the right choices as to what you eat. As you hunger for My bread, you will be well fed, and by the provision I give, you will not suffer spiritual starvation.