Sacrificial love

I speak to you this day, My people, and I say: Let your love towards Me be one of sacrifice, for such has been and remains the love of My Son towards you. I desire that My people would live and love in the pattern that was laid down by My Son Jesus, who gave Himself that others could become a part of My divine love family. It is not now, or ever intended that My people would live in selfishness, but rather that they would follow in the steps of Jesus, who was and is the first-born.

It is My desire that My people would be brought forth in the way that I have ordained, and that they would lay their lives down for My purpose and plan, which is to see others restored to Me as their heavenly Father. I sent My Son Jesus to earth that He could make the way for others to be redeemed from the penalty of their sins. He taught by His words and by His deeds. He obeyed the commands given to Him through My Holy Spirit and He worked where I directed. That is, He laid His life down willingly while He ministered to the needy who cried out to Him. In the completion of His earthly journey, He laid His life down in willingness as the ultimate sacrifice on the cross.

The truth is, that He allowed the Romans to crucify Him at the command of the Jews because He knew that I wanted others to be redeemed and returned to My fold. While the religious leaders of His day thought that they had achieved some great thing in having Him put to death, they did not realize that all they did was obey what I wanted of them. When Jesus had successfully completed His purpose and was considered dead and out of their way, He proved His rule all the more, as He rose from the dead by My power, thus showing how foolish they were in their schemes.

As Jesus walked among those who had been His disciples, He gave to them new hope and they were enabled to carry out His Great Commission and to likewise lay their lives down in sacrifice as He had done. It became apparent to them that they were to be obedient as Jesus had been obedient and that, as they followed in His steps, I was well pleased.

Be aware that as it was then, so is it now. Those who are His true followers will do as He has done, that is, they will lay their lives down and be willing to obey the commands of My Spirit. I never intended for My people to live selfishly then claim that they love Me. That is the display of the same religious hypocrisy that Jesus exposed among the religious leaders of His day. Such pretension and hypocrisy are disgusting to Me because My kingdom is not intended to be used for personal gain, fame, or promotion of self. My kingdom purposes are higher and meant to be lived by those who are claiming that they are My people, My messengers.

It is My ordination and intention that those who are aspiring to be true to Me would represent Me in all that they do that they could be counted worthy and receive the rewards of the righteous. It is intended that My people would know and understand the beauty that they can gain as they adhere to the principle of sacrificial love and walk uprightly in Me each day. Be serving in the attitude of gratitude, for you have been redeemed by the sacrifice of Jesus, the One who is the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

Make it your daily practice to die out to your desires and to take up your cross and follow in the way that I ordain, which is pure and holy. Jesus is the One who has accomplished My will in obedience. So are you to do the same, realizing that all other ways are death and damnation of soul. I do not want you to end in death and damnation. I want you to fulfill the purpose of your salvation and be counted worthy of the heavenly kingdom that I intend for you to walk in.

Be thankful even this day that you are enabled to walk, to believe, and to receive all that I have for you, by adherence to My commands and intentions for you. As you are obeying all that I have for you, so are you well pleasing. Do not look at those who are living selfishly and grow envious of them, for they are choosing such through their own selfish lusts and ambitions. However, they are doing nothing for Me nor the furtherance of My kingdom.

Consider the desperation such ones will face when they stand before Me, and because they chose the god of self above Me, they have nothing at all in the end. Hell will be the reward they receive, because as they looked only for themselves and their own pleasures and gratifications while on earth, they have lived for vanity and reap the bitter rewards of their choices.

When you make it your intention to live for Me and to stand for what I have intended for you, then you are made glad to receive in great abundance all that is intended. To truly sacrifice is a good thing because it is the love that is eternal and everlasting. Those who sacrifice their lives for My kingdom will gain and gain that which is provided, and they will be considered rich before Me, because they have given their lives to be used by Me. Those who keep their lives have nothing. Those who give their lives have great riches when they stand before Me.

When I put a sacrifice before you, do not hesitate to put that sacrifice into action and go forth in the replenishing you will gain from the same. The reality of true sacrificial living will quicken you and give you new strength to continue, because you have pleased Me in obedience to the way of love.