Worldly Riches Are Easily Destroyed

I speak to you this day, My people, and I say: Be willing to lose to gain, for when you are willing to forsake all to follow Me, then you make great gains. There are far too many in this life who only look to self rather than Me. When you see the emptiness and loneliness of living for self, you will see there are many distractions that will take you far from Me. I do not want you to be far from Me; I want you to be near to Me and to find your joy in Me. Therefore, do not shun the chances you are given to win by losing. Instead, embrace the same.

Do not be shocked when you see the ones who are living selfishly, yet claiming they love Me, make their choices according to what they want, not what I want. Those who do so make no gains in Me, for they are in charge of their lives and dictate what should and should not be. Actually, they are missing the message that My Son Jesus came preaching, for they are moving according to their own carnality and not according to the dictates of My Spirit. Such as these are actually dumb and dull, for they are losing their opportunities in Me and sowing to the flesh and the lusts of the same.

The reality is that those who sow to the flesh do of the flesh reap corruption and do not reap in eternal rewards. While they think they are having their “best life” in the present time, they are losing their eternal rewards and receiving their rewards in the things that pass away.

Be thankful that as you are following the mind of My Spirit, you are actually achieving that which is eternal and everlasting. Those who do not put My will above their own are sacrificing their eternal and everlasting rewards for the things that pass away and are remembered no more. These ones will lose out in eternity because they are sowing to the flesh, and of the flesh they will reap death and damnation.

I am not mocked, and while many are declaring that they love Me, their actions speak louder than their words; and if they do not keep their first estate in Me, then they are considered rebellious and rejected for the same. I do not intend that rebels would be found in the heavenly dimensions wherein I dwell.

There is no reason for men, women and children to refuse My covering, and yet they do it repeatedly, because they are listening to the devil rather than Me. In such misconduct comes great misunderstanding, and actual dumbness and blindness set in.

Anyone who chooses to worship idols is not wise, because they have turned from Me as their covering and taken up the covering that will bring them to the way of destitution of soul. You are not meant to be devoured in destitution of soul. You are meant to be enriched and enlarged in your understanding of My way and your ability to stay under the mind of My Spirit.

Be thankful each day that you are guided by My Spirit and not by your own understanding, which is darkened. There are multitudes who have chosen to go after the gods of the world and they are deceived by the same. When they stand before Me, they will not be found acceptable, because their choices have been according to the ugliness of their own lusts.

Believe Me, I send My Spirit throughout the earth to search for the ones who want Me and who are willing to confess their sins to Jesus My Son. Such as these are few and far between, yet they are the ones who have the privilege to become My sons and daughters and carry responsibility in and for My kingdom purposes.

Consider how futile it is to pursue the riches of this world and then to be destitute in Me. Those who are trusting in the world’s riches are building on foundations that can easily be washed away as the sands of time are shifting or the floods of My wrath pour forth.

There are so many who build for themselves here on earth grand houses, massive estates, tall buildings to show their great power and wealth. Yet, those things can be shaken down, overthrown, devastated, and end as heaps of ruination or sliding mud and worthless treasures marred by floods.

So, what do they gain from all of their striving, cheating, scheming and lying to gain the wealth they imagine they so desperately need? In the end they gain the damnation of their souls because they chased after the riches that were indeed transitory and easily destroyed. They had their way rather than Mine, and they loved it, or so they thought until they faced hell in the end and could not buy their way out of the misery that they are still in.

That people have the opportunity to serve Me then throw the same away shows how really dumb they are. For while they are wise in their own conceit, they are headstrong, proud fools who reap what they sow.

I do not want you to ever envy them, for while they may appear to have it all, they literally have nothing, for their wealth can be devoured and destroyed, and they are helpless to prevent the same. Therefore, when you see them in their proud array, their boastful attitudes, and their false securities, remember they refused the eternal rewards and riches that they could have had in Me and stored in heaven.

Such as these are faced with bitterness in the end because they sowed to vanity rather than purity. They worked for their own damnation rather than for the salvation they could have lived in. Their choosing to be losing was of their own desires. While they thought themselves to be winners, they remained as sinners and ended as losers.