Keep Clean in a Filthy World

I speak to you this day and I say that the world is full of the filthiness, the corruption, the vileness of sin. I do not want My people to be contaminated by the uncleanness of the world. I want them to be clean before Me. They are enabled to remain clean in a filthy world by keeping themselves in My way and not the way of the world.

Realize that as My people, you are intended to be kept from the filthy contamination that is common in these times. As you are adhering to Me, so are you enabled to be directed, instructed and guided, that you can come forth in the clarity that comes of single vision. I give My Holy Spirit that those who will adhere to Me will understand fully that My way is the best way and that all other ways lead to destruction.

Why should I want My people corrupted when they are called to be holy? I say that I do not. I want My people kept from those things that bring on corruption, which ends in death, because of the sins that separate people from Me. Keep in mind that you are not intended to be living in willful sin then claiming that it is Me that you love. Those who love Me will keep the commandments that they are given. They will do so willingly and without begrudging and resentment.

Those who claim to be Mine, yet are resenting Me, are not pleasing to Me in any way whatsoever. This is because they have gone after the world and the uncleanness of the same, all the while declaring that they “love God.” The truth of it is that they love the god of self, and the same they serve with their all. Their focus is not on what pleases Me. Their focus is on what pleases them. I do not find pleasure in them, for their hearts are far from Me and their deeds are wicked.

I do not find pleasure in those who are living in falsity and vanity while proclaiming that they are Christian. Those who are truly My people will live for Me and love Me with all of their hearts. They will not be found in the way of transgressors, for that way is hard. They will keep themselves without spots from the world and consecrated to My intention for them.

Therefore, let it be My Son that you pattern yourselves after, and not the idols of this world. There are far too many who have taken up idolatry, and the same is spiritual adultery, for they are pursuing other lovers in the spiritual realms.

Do not under any reason take up idols, for the same will make you dumb and dumber. This is because those who turn to worship idols become dumb. They likewise become blind that they cannot see, and deaf that they cannot hear. Although they still have eyes and ears, those things no longer function effectively, because of their choices.

I do not have fellowship with the ones who are worshiping idols, for they have chosen other lovers, other gods before Me. While they may be deceived into believing in their own minds that they are all right with Me, it is not true, for through their sins they are separated from Me and unable to count on My protective covering. My assured covering is to the ones who are wanting to be kept by Me each day because they are choosing Me and are true to Me. I desire that My people would prove themselves to be true and faithful, not disorderly and disruptive of My purposes for their lives.

When you make up your mind and commit to Me, then you are kept in the way which is blessed and not cursed. The doubleminded are unstable and are ever wavering. I do not really count on them, because their commitments are shaky and their vows to Me are broken time and again. Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are not intended to be in fellowship with demon powers. Your fellowship is meant to be with My Holy Spirit and with the ones who are walking in that light. Be thankful this day that you can indeed be partaking of the light each day and not ashamed to call upon Me as your Lord and Master.

There are multitudes who have chosen their own ways, and in such choices they are estranged from Me and unable to go in the straight and narrow way that is intended for My people. Know that when you see the ones who have deviated from the straight and narrow, their deviations will take them on many trails that lead to nowhere. Reality is that they end up destitute of the truth, steeped in lies, and headed to hell by their choices.

In order to avoid such snares, seek for My Spirit daily and obey the commands and directives given by the same. Remember that My Spirit is given to you to keep you in the straight and narrow way that is eternal, and as you are obedient, you will be reaping the treasure of wisdom that I have for you. There is no reason to go the hard way because you are rejecting My purpose and plan for you. There is every reason to go My way, because in the same you are provided for and protected, and led onward in the road that leads to your eternal home in Me.

As My true people, be glad that you can serve in the attitude of gratitude each day, because you have been shown that I give to you exactly what you need and that what I give is goodness and mercy. Do not be weary in well doing but continue in the same, knowing that you are purposed and that you can be kept clean and useful for My purpose and intention for your lives. Keep clean, keep single in your vision, and keep on the road of righteousness.