Don’t Get Hooked on the Heathen

I speak to you as My people and I say: Be willing to yield to Me, for I alone am the Living God. It is Me who makes the way for you repeatedly during the duration of your journey here on earth. Therefore, do not be ashamed to look to Me as the One who is the author and the finisher, the beginning and the end, and the One you need.

I do not ask My people to do anything that I do not provide for. Do not be overly concerned with the things that continually trouble the heathen as though I am unaware of your needs. I am always aware of your needs and I move to meet the same. Therefore, let it be Me that you are looking unto as the supplier of every thing in your lives.

Do not get hooked on the heathen in any way whatsoever. Rather, keep absolutely focused on Me and know that you are not meant to be as the heathen. You are meant to be focused on Me as the One who is indeed well able to provide for you at all times. The more that your reliance and dependency are upon Me, the more that you will find that I do not withhold from you, except it be for your good. It gives Me pleasure to provide for My people at all times and to assure them of the many blessings that are available as they are focused upon Me.

Yes, even in these times when My wrath, fury and indignation are being shown forth, it is My intention that My people would pay heed to the commands of My Spirit and by the same be abundantly blessed and kept in the pathway of My life. I absolutely do not intend for you to be overwhelmed and overtaken by the demonic powers that are causing multitudes to act out in rebellion against Me.

Realize that in this time of My wrath, fury and indignation being revealed, you are meant to be yielding to Me and knowing that you can trust Me in whatever situation or circumstance that is happening in the world around you. Know that I have given to you My Holy Spirit, and the same is ever with you and in you to direct you in the way that you should go. Therefore, do not be hooked on the heathen, for their reports for the most part are completely motivated by demonic fear, violence, hopelessness, despair, depression and death. After that death, they face damnation of their souls for their refusal to come into Me.

I send My Spirit forth throughout the earth to search for the ones who are desirous of the truth, even though they are in captivity to lies and the liars who hold them. When My Spirit reports to Me of such ones, then I further instruct My Spirit as to how I want them directed and dealt with, that they will cry out for the very deliverance that is promised to those who come into the knowledge of the truth. Reality is that without the truth, people are floundering and falling repeatedly into the traps and snares that are set up for them whereby they are easily overwhelmed.

Do not pay heed to the liars and their lies, because you have been forewarned of the tactics of the same. Know that those who have fallen for the captivity to deceiving spirits are the ones who are incurring My wrath, fury and indignation in order to be humbled and consequently cry out unto Me through My Son, Jesus the Savior.

He, Jesus, has already paid the price for souls to come into redemptive mercies. They are the ones who must choose. As such ones become more and more miserable, there is a portion of them who will cry out in neediness and true repentance. This is because they see that they have built on the transitory values that mean nothing.

Be thankful this day that you do not need to be a part of the problem. You can, as you follow the Holy Spirit, play your part in the solution. It is not My intention to utterly destroy. It is My intention to uplift, to direct, to guide and bring forth the ones who will obey the commands of My Spirit.

Remember, I did not send the great flood without years of warning being issued to the wild, willful, sinful people of that day. They mocked, they scoffed, they scorned as they laughed and jested against Noah who built the ark and warned them of My wrath to come. However, they chose not to listen, not to obey, and not to repent. Because of their choices, they were utterly destroyed in the great flood and gained death and damnation as their reward for all of their mockery and rebellion.

So it is even now. I have repeatedly sent My prophets to the rebellious, the stiff necked, the hard of heart who are centered on themselves. Over and over, they have chosen to reject, to ridicule, to scorn and scoff the very ones who have been sent to save them from My impending wrath. So, inasmuch as there will be a small remnant spared who will repent, I send the drowning, devastating flood waters of death to cause that remnant to cry out in all neediness and desperation. Then, if they do, I will make one last effort towards them.

However, if those who are under the wrath continue to rebel and reject, then the misery will be increased and that is all they can expect in this life. Then, when they are dead by whatever means, they can likewise expect hell as their abode forever. Over and over, they will face the anguish and the torment of their stupidity and stubbornness in refusing repentance and choosing contemptuous pride and lies as their covering. Because of their choices, they will be damned, and no rescue will be available to them at all.