Godly Wisdom Is a Must

I speak to you this day and I say: Aspire to acquire godly wisdom, for the same is needful for all who are truly desiring to serve Me and walk in My way. When you consider how dumb the majority of people are, it is because they are following idols and pursuing the course that leads them to damnation. You are called to follow Me and by the same acquire godly wisdom that will be needful as you continue in the course of salvation.

If you consider that in the beginning when We created humankind, it was done with the intention of them being in the purposes that We had for them. However, when sin entered in by Eve listening to the devil in the garden, she actually took up deceit because she wanted what she was not supposed to have. Why did she fall for the devil’s enticement to her? It was really very simple. She regarded her own pleasure above My instructions, because her idol literally was her own pleasure and satisfaction of appetite.

In looking at humanity in these times, how many are made dumb by the fact that they have made idols of themselves? They are continually seeking for their own pleasure, and in the same they are taken far from Me and My intentions for them. When people are lovers of self rather than Me, then they are proud, high minded, and impudent towards godliness and the standards of the same. Such as these grow more and more proud as they are resisting sound instructions and persisting in corruption that devastates their lives. I do not intend for you to be devastated. I intend for you to be uplifted, directed, instructed and guided daily in the way that is My wisdom.

Be thankful that you do not need to be overwhelmed and overtaken by the devices of the wicked one. You are not meant to be seduced and led away, led astray by the enticements and seductions that the enemy forces will attempt to use against you. These enemy forces desire to drive a wedge between My people and Me whereby My people are no longer looking to and longing for Me. By such underhanded means, the enemy troops seek to overwhelm My people with the lust of the flesh, the desire for the fulfillment of carnal pleasure instead of the fulfillment of My intentions for them.

Do not be believing such spirits, for their goal is to destroy your trust in Me, then stimulate you to the lower nature that once held you captive, then entice you to commit vile and base sins that will cause your destruction and damnation. I do not want you to be destroyed and damned, nor did I create you for such a cause. I want you to be uplifted, brought forth and guided in the newness of life that is found in and through Me. You are not meant to be dumb and dull, only existing for your own carnality. You are intended to be guided, directed, instructed, and shown the infinite mercies that I give to you each and every day.

Be glad even now that it is Me who is the One who bears rule over you, and that as I do, then you are enabled to be thankful because you are guided by the mind of My Spirit. The mind of My Spirit is all wisdom and it will indeed guide you forth in the way that is all truth which I intend for My people to walk by and be guided each day by Me.

The more that you are made wise, the more perceptive you become to the falsity that is resident in the world. Be glad even this day that through My Spirit you are given discernment of spirits so that you are not easily deceived and led astray in the way of fools.

Indeed, it is a tragedy when people choose that which is base and vile over that which is high and holy, and they do it because they lock into pride and refuse to budge from the same. You are not intended to be involved in the many spiritual counterfeits that permeate the land. You are meant to keep your vision and your purpose stayed on Me, My Son and My Spirit. As you do so, then you are increased in wisdom and enabled to pursue the course that I have set before you and be thankful each day that in the same you are kept. When any is enabled to see the many pitfalls that are set for the righteous, then the realization of how much the enemy forces want to destroy the righteous becomes evident.

As My true people, you will undergo many perils, storms and trials. However, you will see over and over that I shall make the way for you that no man can make, and that I keep you in My protection despite the things you go through. Therefore, be glad that it is Me that you can serve each day, because I am omnipresent and I do not withhold any good thing from you. When you are fully aware of the privilege you have to receive godly, divine wisdom, you will be thankful and full of praise for the same. No one who follows Me is left desolate, for they will be comforted by My Spirit and led forth in the way that is eternal.

Do not look at those who are merely living for the things that are carnal, yet have no respect for the things that are spiritual and are given by Me as the author and the finisher. Be glad each day that you do not have to dead end in the trap of seeking to please self and from the same reaping emptiness. It is good to hunger and thirst for My wisdom and by the same be filled. Do not look to the way of fools and expect for them to walk according to godly wisdom, for they will not.

This day and every day, be glad that you can perceive and receive more and more godly, divine wisdom as you admit your need of the same. Remember, the wisdom of the world is foolishness before Me and does not profit.