Choices for Eternity

I speak to you this day and I say: Let My joy be evidenced in your lives. That is, do not quench My Spirit. Rather, be rejoicing when you are given My light on the path and enabled to come forth knowing that I am the One who gives to you what you need. It is Me who is your source, your provider, your protector, your Master, your Maker. The more that you are rejoicing for the goodness that I daily give to you, the more that you will find satisfaction.

In order for men and women to be truly satisfied, they must be in right standing with Me, not altering what it is that I intend for them to be, but content in the same.

How often do men and women deviate from Me! Then, because of their own choices, they find that sorrow and disappointment become the cup that they drink of night and day. It is not My intention that you be drinking of disappointment and sorrow. However, the same comes to those who choose against Me. The choices that people make daily are the deciding factors in the destiny of their lives and their souls.

If people would think through their choices, some of them would not be choosing the way of sin and death. Sad to say, most do not stop and meditate before Me on what they choose. They are hasty and are easily pressured to choose those things that I never ordained for them, because they are not adhering to My standards. They are adhering to their own understanding, which is darkened and cluttered with the corruption of the world’s values.

My people are not meant to be tainted and darkened because they have taken up the standards of the world and are following the dictates of the same. It is My intention that My people would choose for Me and adhere to what I intend rather than what they imagine they want. When a people allow themselves to be ruled by their carnal understanding, so are they estranged from Me and find themselves unable to walk according to My dictates. Instead, they are under the dictates of the world and find themselves enslaved in the standards that are ungodly and unrighteous.

Be glad that you do not have to be deviated from My way and My plan for you, but that you can continue steadfast in the satisfaction that is given to the ones who choose the upright way. It is senseless to believe that the world, the devil and his demons, and the flesh can in any way give true satisfaction to any. Be aware that the same are never satisfied, and despite the efforts put forth to appease them, they will not be appeased, because they are in opposition to My intentions for your lives.

I do not desire for you to be found under the rule of those powers that are not of Me and by the same live in continual vexation and torment. It is not for you to be under vexation and torment. It is for you to be in My joy and partaking of the same because you find true satisfaction since you are in My will.

When a people come into the salvation mercies offered by My Son and continue in the same, then they are enabled to be made glad to partake of the infinite goodness I give. Likewise, when a people begin to choose against Me because of the seducing and enticing spirits sent to devour them, they slip from their first estate. Then, because they are being led astray, out of My way, they harden their hearts and refuse to hear the still small voice of My Spirit warning them.

In fact, they oftentimes become so entrenched and imprisoned in the ugliness of their choices, they refuse to listen to My Spirit at all. What comes on them will be the consequences of their choices against Me, and they will suffer for the same. The misery, suffering, affliction and woe will become evident time and again, because they want the world rather than Me.

In times such as these, there are multitudes who are destitute of the truth because they are choosing to walk in lies and be bound in the same. I do not call you to be participating in lies, nor do I call you to be found bound in the same. I call you to be uplifted and given My joy, for it is My pleasure to give you the same daily.

I am at this time vindicating My wrath, fury and indignation upon all who are intent on opposing Me. As you can see, I do not stop in My fury, because men and women are still in stubbornness and pride against Me. Why should I find pleasure in such ones? I say that I do not. I find pleasure in the ones who will cleave to Me with gladness and rejoicing because I am the omnipresent God who cares for all who desire to be kept by Me and directed in the ways of My righteousness.

It is a good thing to be enabled to look to Me as the author and the finisher, and to be directed forth in the plain path that I have prepared for you. Do not be choosing in opposition to Me. Be choosing in adherence to Me, for I will keep you as you choose for Me and keep your vows.

I do not find pleasure in the ones who do not choose My way. I find pleasure in the ones who know that My way is the only way that they will find eternal life, and likewise walk in that way because it is given by Me. Needless to say there are endless “other ways” that seem right to people, yet those ways lead to their own destruction.

Do not be seduced or enticed out of My way, for all other ways end in death and damnation of soul. My way is eternal and everlasting and gives satisfaction even here on this earth. Therefore, be mindful of your choices and let them be according to My standard and not the standard of the world, which opposes Me.